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its been a long time..... this is my last blog here.

i know that no one is going to read this, however i shall post it anyway.

it has been 3 years since i have last been on this site... i am now 17 and i hope to become a great video game designer. I am about to take my senior year ofhigh schoolthen i will be off to college. if anyone does happen to find this. then i mostlikelyknew you 3 long years ago.... if that is the case then thanks for the memories. - Nick

its today

today is when it starts ( gow tournament)  but now they got a

unfair advantage i broke my left wrist so its harder 2 play


gears of war tournament

apparently xboxlive is having a gears tournament on ranked xbl matches

and i plan to enter this tournament

i hope i will pwn

if you make it into top 11 u get a bunch of free cr@# but i just wanna play for the thrill of it : )


makin some vids

lately iive been making some vids
and if u want to see em
go here
so far i have 5 vids made


i have been grounded for about 2 weeks now and im still not ungroounded yet

once i am i can do more stuff more