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Gamespot vs. gamefaqs

One thing that I noticed while I was still a gamefaqser was that for some reason gamefaqs users mocked other users just because they used gamespot. I never really could see why they did it. There didn't seem to be any main difference between the two at first, sure I couldn't see their sig, but was that their fault? I didn't think so (and I didn't think it mattered any ways). After meeting some of the gamespot members, I knew that they weren't hated because they were jerks or any thing, in fact many of them were some of the coolest users on the board (my opinion of course). So after a while I decided to give gamespot a try. Since I had all ready filled the forms for membership at gamefaqs I didn't have to fill much of any thing out for gamespot (which was really nice). All I really had to do was typ in my email and password, just like I would for gamefaqs. So far I didn't see any difference at all. But then I was taken to something that prompted me to create a profile. Well that was some thing nice that gamefaqs didn't have. So after ding-king around a bit, I found that I could go though all the games on gamespot and not only rate/ review them, but I could also add them to my collection/ wanted lists. I found that to be a really cool feature! Now I could show off my all my games that I have amassed over the years to other gamers who care about such things. At this point I'm becoming rather excited about this new site, and I couldn't imagine why any one would choose gamefaqs over this place. Then it was time for me to go to the forms. Well the first thing that I noticed was the it was hard for me to get used to the new layout of every thing (I was fresh from gamefaqs after all). So after a while I finally figured out how to find stuff and post. At that point I my excitement grew even more. They had a tool bar that had a spell checker on it (along with many other things). It started to glow like the Tri-Force to me (If you couldn't tell, I'm quite the nerd/ really cheesy). I suck at spelling and this simple little button was a god send. About the only thing that I disliked about the whole experience was that the pages seemed to take longer to load (a very miner detail). But despite that I still thought that all the extra features made this site well worth staying at. I still find that people needlessly bash this site, but one day I hope that they to can see the light (or at least realize that this isn't a bad place).