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E3 Breakdown

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My E3 Impressions


Because all the cool kids are doing it, I'll give you my impressions of E3 as well.


Tony Hawk's Ride- Because gamers love and want more plastic peripherals we get Tony Hawk's Ride. Just wait, after this game gets out sold by Skate 3 or 2 Tony will come back next year holding a real skateboard and tell us all to go out side.

Metal Gear Rising - It might not be the MGS4 port 360 owners would of liked and other than that nothing is really known about this game besides the fact that it's about Ryden and not Snake. So is it a new adventure that takes place after the events of MGS4, or is it MGS4 from Rydens perspective? After all Kojima dose like to make special edition versions of the MGS games (Twin Snakes, Substance, Subsistence, and Portable Ops Plus). At this point only Kojima knows the truth, and he's a lot better at keeping secrets than Sony ;) .

Natal - Microsofts big foray into motion control is basically a beefed up Eye Toy, or at least that's what the first few demos made it look like. However, once Peter Molyneux got up on stage things took a turn for the bizarre. He introduced us all to an AI boy called Milo, and every thing was going smoothly until some prick yelled out, "Your not a real boy." This pissed off the AI which in turn activated Sky Net dooming all of man kind. Great job Molyneux.


Wii Motion Plus - Because Nintendo couldn't do it right the first time now we get Wii Motion Plus. I mean come on! Isn't this every thing the Wii Remote was supposed to be to begin with or am I just crazy?Yet now we all have to buy ANOTHER add on peripheral if we're to experience full motion control. The worst part of this is that Nintendo is trying to make it sound like we all should be happy about it.

New Wario Ware - Love the concept behind this one, build and share your own micro games. Granted it's a shameless Little Big Planet rip off, but this years E3 has made it painfully obvious that every developer in the world wants to cash in on that idea. Still, if the tools for building your micro games are easy to learn and use then the next Wario Ware will probably be the best in the series.

Wii Vital Sensor - Because Nintendo doesn't want any one else to die while playing Wii Fit. Seriously!?! I never once thought we would be using medical equipment with our games. I have to admit that I was expecting Kojima to jump out of no were and announce the Wii Dialysis Machine. Kojima - "With Wii Dialysis and Wii Motion Plus I believe you will have the true Metal Gear Rising experience on the Wii. For the first time ever players will live out every moment of Rydens life." Now if only we could play a game of Pong on an EKG machine.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Some of the more jaded gamers out there might say that this is just more of the same, I say thank god we didn't have to wait ANOTHER SIX YEARS!!!!!!!

New Metroid - A Metoid game made by Team Ninja....... can't say I know what to feel about this one :? . On one hand Metroid is a series best known for its exploration and grand scale of discovery and adventure. On the other hand Team Ninja is a developer best known for its over the top action, violence, and over sexualization of their female characters. The two just don't seem to go together, but Retro Studios did do a good job with the series and they hadn't even made a game before. So really it's just too early to make a call on this one.


.......I have nothing. Sony had to go and steel all the good jokes :evil: . From the PSP Go being the worst kept secret to the Hana Montana pink PSP to even the fact that the PS2 is still out selling the PS3..... wait, that one might not of been a joke :P .

Final Fantasy XIV - Well no one saw this coming :shock: . In other news, not to be out done by Sony or Microsoft, Nintendo just announced Final Fantasy XV will only be on the Wii. Players will use the Wii Balance Board to help their on screen caddy slim down in time for the grand Chocobo races.

Well in closing I just want to apologize to all the Nintendo fans out there for ripping on them so much. It's just that they make it so easy some times, and the jokes just came so naturally that I couldn't resist posting them. Still this was a much better year all around for every one and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did :D .