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Top Ten Movies #8

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Number 8



Release Year: 2001 (USA)

Director: Christopher Nolan

Staring: Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery

Watching Memento is like riding a roller coaster, only the ride is set up like a maze and it runs upside down and backwards all at the same time. Oh and it dose all that in the dark as well. In the film you have a duel narrative going on, the first part being shown in color and the second presented in black and white. Sounds simple enough, correct? Well you would be wrong if you thought that. The color segments all play backwards plot wise, starting with what happens last and going back to the beginning. Each segment typical lasts for no more than fifteen minutes. Now while all that is going on, the movie will switch over to the black and white segments. These segments play forward like you would see in any other movie. The two narratives both work towards the same ending, and run into each-other at the conclusion.

The story, simply put, is about an ex-insurance fraud investigator named Leonard Shelby who one night came home to find a burglar assaulting his wife. Before he can do any though, some one brutally hits him on the back of the head causing him to black out. When Leonard comes to, he finds that his wife has died and the perpetrator got away. How ever that's not his only problem. Due to the blow he received on his head, Leonard now suffers from anterograde amnesia. This is not your typical "oh I don't know who I am" amnesia, but instead he has lost his short term memory or the ability to form new memories. He knows his past, his name, where his home is, and most importantly he'll never forget what happened to his wife.

The pacing and plot progression in this movie, though odd, more than justify themselves since they help you relate to the main character. Because the movie plays in backwards segments, you (just like Leonard) don't know/ remember what just happened or why exactly you're doing what you're doing at that moment. It's not until that scene ends and the next begins that you get answers as to why some thing was happening in the last segment.

For example, at the beginning of one segment you see Leonard running and out of breath. Just as you're about to ask why he's running, Leonard begins to talk to him self. He looks around, dazed and confused, and says, "Okay, so what am I running for?" As if in response, a gun shot rings out and glass shatters as the bullet passes through a car's windshield. "Oh that's what I'm running from," comments Leonard as he continues his flight. As this scene continues to play out for a while longer then begins to fade out. As the next segment fades in, we see Leonard standing on a porch about to knock on the door. Before he can even reach forward, the door burst open and a man comes out ready to fight. Now you as the audience know how the gun fight started, but you still need to wait for the next segment before you're informed as to why Leonard and this man even fought in the first place. And to find that out, you as the readers need to go out and rent/ buy this movie. You will not be disappointed ;).


Song of the Day


Band: Fuel

Song: Shimmer

Top 10 Movies # 9

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Number 9



Release Year: 2007

Director: Michael Moore

Staring: Michael Moore

Genre: Documentary

Love him hate him, every one who has seen a Michael Moore film seems to have some kind of opinion of the man. Some may call him a leftist Communist who just wants to promote his propaganda, while still others would say that he's just some one who's standing up and pointing out whats all gone wrong with our society. Either way his films are nothing less than polarizing and watching peoples reactions to them is all most as fun as watching the movie it's self. Now that I got all that out of the way, I have to say that Moores movies and TV shows have been highly enjoyable to watch and that's coming from some one who considers him self a conservative. His lattest movie , Sicko, obviously didn't disappoint me either.

Sicko is Moores look into the medical industry of America and all the corruption and backwards polices that have become a part of it. Through out the movie you'll hear horror stories from people who have tried to deal with medical insurance companies but were turned down for one reason or another. It didn't matter that they were told that all their medical problems would be covered or that they had paid all their bills on time, the simple fact is that the HMO decided that it just wasn't cost effective to okay some one for a crucial operation. Who cares if the person dies, it's not their problem. In fact you even hear from industry insiders who confess that they were even paid bonuses for denying people's health insurance claims. And all that only covers about the first half hour of the film, as it continues you see just how corrupt and flawed it all is. But it dosn't have to be that way.

Fortunately this film dosn't just leave you with the grim reality that we're currently in. Moore travels to other countries to see how their hospitals are run and how well they compare to ours. He went to Great Britain, Canada, and France and interviewed patients, citizens, and even doctors to see how they felt about their countries medical systems. Surprisingly the responses were all over whelming positive. All three countries had free health care for every citizen, no one was denied a life saving operation, doctors were paid bonuses for every healthy patient they had and for each patient they convinced to stop smoking, and even the wait in the emergency room wasn't too long. To top it all of, the hospital would even reimburse any one who had to pay for a cab or buss to get there. All that for free (well they pay for it in taxes, but at least they're getting some thing back from their taxes). Over all I found this movie to be really thought provoking, frustrating, and enjoyable at the same time. I hope that if you havn't seen this and are open to listening to Michael Moore, that you go out and rent it as soon as you can.


Song of the Day


Band: Boxcar Racer

Song: I Feel So

Top 10 Movies!

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Number 10


American History X

Release Year: 1998

Director: Tony Kaye

Staring: Edward Norton, Edward Furlong

Genre: Crime, Drama

First off I want to make it clear that I am in no way a racist or neo nazi. Okay there, glad to get that out of the way :P . American History X is a very heavy film, and is full of adult content. It would be very easy for some one to watch this movie and quite half way through due to how offensive it can get at times. Unfortunately the people who do this miss out on an incredible story that more than redeems it self in the end.

The story of this film is about a man named Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) and his brother Danny Vinyard (Edward Furlong). Derek is a white supremacist and a member of a local neo nazi gang, and his brother, Danny,idolizes him for this. The story is told by jumping back and forth from flashbacks that explain why the characters behave and think the way they do, to the present where you get to see the results of their actions.

I really want to go into more detail telling you all what happens and why the story was so powerful to me, but doing so would ruin the experience in my opinion. So with that, if you have not all ready seen this movie from start to finish do so. Believe me it's worth it, I just hope that you get the message and don't get too caught up with some of the offensive images like some people might.


Song of the Day


this song is from a band called The Exies and the song is called These Are the Days, enjoy :D

I Beat the Slime, and I'm going on a Vacation.

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Finally I'm level 21 now and i've conquered that evil metal slime :D No longer will I have to endure the tyranny of only going one or two percent a day!

Oh and I just wanted you all to know that i'm going on vacation today for my cousin's wedding. I'll most likely be back on next Tuesday. Just wanted to let you all know that so you didn't think that i just up and left again :P. Oh and when I get back I'll post the first part of my top ten movie list.


todays song is from a band called Flobots and the song is called "Handlebars" enjoy :D

I'm Not Dead! :P

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lol :P :)

Sorry I've been gone for so long, but i havn't just been sitting around on my butt doing nothing. I'm going to do the top ten movie list since that was the one that got the most votes, but as of right now I'm still watching a lot of movies that one of my friends has been lending me. So yah I'll let you all know when I think I've seen enough to make a great list.

Also as a follow up to my NES list I've played ever US SNES game (no I didn't bother to beat them all I just needed to see what each game was like). So yah, I'll be working on a top ten for the SNES as well! :) But this time I'm disqualifying a few games from the list. First off no games that were developed or produced by Nintendo or Square Soft. I'm doing this because every one who cares about the SNES has at least heard about every good game put out by those two companies for that system and I wanted my list to be one of games that have been over looked or forgotten. So far I've narrowed the number of games to about 90 so it will still take me a while to finish this one ;)


The song I picked this time is from a band called Cinder Road and the title is " Should've Known Better". Enjoy :)

Welcome to the NHK Review!

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Anime Name: Welcome to the NHK

Episodes: 24

Genera: Drama, Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance

Setting: Modern day Japan

Release Year: 2006

Available Languages: Japanese and English (Dubs and Subs available).




Welcome to the NHK is about a 22 year old named Sato. After graduating from high school all he had to do was pass an entrance exam and he would be enrolled in college. But some thing happened on his way there, some how his mental state became unstable. Suddenly every one was looking at him, laughing, judging him. He wasn't good enough to be around them, no people like him weren't wanted in society. So he locked himself in his apartment only coming out at night to buy food. Sato became a hikikomori or a NEET (Not currently engaged in Employment, Education, or Training) and was living off of the money his parents were sending him each month for the past four years. A truly pathetic life.

One day Sato's routine of doing nothing was interrupted by a knock on the door. No one ever came by to visit him, after all he no longer had any friends and his parents lived out of town. So who could it be? On an impulse Sato momentarily over came his fears and answered the door. This is how he first came to meet Misaki, the girl who would make it her mission to save Sato from his hikikomori ways.




The characters and plot are what makes Welcome to the NHK truly shine. Each character is infused with their own set of problems and issues that exist in the real world. These true to life social issues work to make both the characters and plot more convincing and relate-able for the viewer. Because of this you'll find your self rooting for the characters as they go on their miss-adventures that involve things ranging from MMORPGs, suicide pacts, and pyramid schemes. These adventures run the full gamete of emotions. From light hearted comedy to dull bleak depression, you'll get to see the cast at their best and worst times.

Even though personally I found this to be a refreshing and enjoyable show, it unfortunately isn't for every one. Some of the social issues might hit too close to home for some people making them uncomfortable. Also I doubt that the majority of the Shounen fans will be able to enjoy this anime due to the lack of action scenes. How ever, none of these things detract from this series greatness and I love it when a show can cause me to stop and reflect on my life and the world around me. Welcome to the NHK gets a 9 out of 10 due to its unique story and believable cast of characters.


To days song is from a band named Jefferson Airplane and the song title is "White Rabbit". Some of you might of first heard this song in the Lost Odyssey commercial.

Lights are on, but no one's home :P

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Well I just got Persona 3 FES today, and it's everthing I had hopped it would be :D. But because of this I have some bad news for you all, I not going to be active for the next week or so. Don't worry I'll be back, I just want to take some time to enjoy Persona 3 and GTA4 since that's coming out soon as well. So please forgive me if I don't comment on your blogs.

Top Ten NES Games #1 !!!!!

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Super Mario Bros. 3!!!

Yeah, I know this is the single most predictable number one pick of any NES game list :roll:. But can you really fault me for Nintendo finding the secret formula to making a perfect platfromer, no you can't so shut up :P! This really is the perfect platformer though; the controls are accurate and tight, character movement feels natural, the levels are all different, there is a wide verity of worlds that all have a unique feel to them, and there are a plethora of power ups that you can collect along the way. Not to mention, it's one of the funnest games I've ever played and it still holds up today after so many years. In fact there are still many people who would go as far as to claim that it's still one of the greatest games of all time, if not the greatest. In the end, this is a game who's legacy will not be forgotten any time soon and will all ways be an important part of both Nintendo's history and video game history as a whole.


In conclusion I know some of you may wonder why some games such as Zelda, Metroid, Bionic Commando, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and some others didn't make my list. Well the simple answer would be that they weren't as enjoyable for me as the games on my list, but I feel I owe you a better explanation than just that :).

The Legend of Zelda and Metroid were both excluded for the same simple reason, they didn't have maps. When you create a world or game as big as these two were, it's very easy to get lost and spend hours upon hours just trying to find your next objective. Now I know that some of you may try and say that due to the power of the NES that maps were not possible for those games, but that is not the case. I know that's true since in an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto he him self claimed that no map was placed in Zelda since he wanted gamers to have to talk to each other in order to advance through the game. Well that's a great idea, but growing up not many people in my school played games, and those that did couldn't help me out with Zelda. So that single exclusion made those two games needlessly frustrating for me and detracted from the fun I had with them.

Final Fantasy failed to make my countdown mainly because IMO it wasn't until IV and VI that the series really hit it's stride and became appealing to me. I just didn't find the story all that compelling in the first FF game, and I couldn't help but feel that the characters just didn't have any depth to them. I am however thankful that this game helped save one of my favorite developer/ publishers and allowed them to continue to make great games.

Bionic Commando is a great game and probably deserves a spot on my top ten list, but some thing about it all ways bothered me. I never really could get the hang of that bionic arm thing :?. There would be some small little gap that some one like Mario could just jump over with out even running first, but the commando didn't have a jump button. No he had a fancy grappling arm that could latch on to things, then he would have to swing across said gap. Well that sounds like it would work, and it must have worked for many gamers since they love this game, but I usual ended up letting go and falling to my death down a puny little gap that wouldn't even be a problem in any other game for me -__- (yes I know you have to swing back and forth, but some thing about the timing all ways threw me off).

I want to like the Dragon Quest games, I really do but they just have this one thing that ruins the entire game for me :(. I hate the menu that pops up every time you want to talk to some one, search a jar, open a chest, get an item, etc. It seems like when ever you want to do any thing other than walk around, you need to okay that with the game by going though a big menu and selecting said action. Maybe this wouldn't have been a big deal with me if I had played the DQ games before I had been introduced to Final Fantasy, but that wasn't the case. Every time I went through that blasted menu I couldn't help but think to my self, "FF dose it better". Sad really, since those games seemed to have better stories than the NES Final Fantasy's :(.


Todays song is from one of my favorite bands, Incubus. The song title is "Anna Molly", enjoy :D.

Top Ten NES Games Recap + Voting Time!!!!!

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Top Ten NES Games Recap

Well we're finally down to the final game on my list, but before I reveal that game I thought it was worth doing a recap so every one could see the games that have led up to this point.

2. Donkey Kong/ Dr. Mario (Tie)

3. Kirby's Adventure

4. Little Samson/ Punch Out! (Tie)

5. Marble Madness

6. Crystalis

7. Duck Tails 2

8. Super Mario Bros. & Duck Hunt

9. Bubble Bobble Part 2

10. Gun Nac

So there you have it, the full list to this point. So what's the number one game going to be? Well you may of noticed that games like The Legend of Zelda and Metroid are missing, or could it be a cl@$$ic RPG game like Final Fantasy or one of the four Dragon Quest games? Or better yet I might shock every one with some thing from the left field like Manic Mansion. You never know, so stick around ;).


Voting Time!!!!!

Well with my current top ten coming to a close soon I'm left wondering what to do next :?. I've come up with a list of top ten ideas I think could be fun to do, but it's you job to vote for the one that you want to see the most. So pick your favorite idea, and tell me which one you want the most :).

A. Top Ten Video Game Songs - This is what it sounds like, a top ten list of all the greatest songs in video games....or at least the ones I liked best :P .

B. Top Ten Top Ten Lists- No this isn't some thing as conceded as, "hey look at all the cool top ten lists I've made :lol: ". Instead I'll probably show you guys some of the top ten lists I've really enjoyed from sites like gamefaqs.

C. Top Ten Video Games That Should Be Cartoons - Basically it's a list of all the games I think would make great cartoons/ animes.

D. Top Ten TV Shows - A list of my top ten favorite TV shows (none animated).

E. Top Ten Movies - A list of my favorite movies (none animated).


Todays song is from a band called Sublime and the song title is "What I Got". As all ways I hope you enjoy :D

Top Ten NES Games #2 (Tie!)

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Donkey Kong & Dr. Mario (Tie)

These two games have been pick up and play games for me for over 15 years now. When ever I was bored or just needed to pass some time, I would just pop one of these two games into my NES and play until I was done waiting or just plain ready to do something else. Whether it was the plain simple fun of jumping over countless barrels to save some lady in distress or popping pills to cure viruses, I've found these two games to be timeless cl@$$icsthat haven't dulled with age. Sure the NES version of Donkey Kong might be missing a level from the arcade version, and sure Dr. Mario might be a shameless Tetris clone. But neither of those facts have ever once detracted from the fun I had with these two games.


Todays song is from a band called Mute Math, and the song title is "Typical" enjoy :D