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2009 - i still not active.

Hye, i'm may not popular in this blog or something, but i 1 of the most longest stay in GS n i still do login but ONLY reading and watching news of video games, that shame other are more good. Maybe this year i go a little further like review the game, or active in forum or just add comment. Anyway, i still love GS!

2nd Crysis?

Wow, i just realise crytek has a new crysis(coming soon). The game that need overkill pc spec? But that's not i mean for, i just say wow and thanks for making the sequel. Even im not finish yet just because my pc always jam. OMG... can u imagine i using a very old pc, still using P4, 4GB, ati9600, 120gb...what an old pc, play the lowest setting. But thanks my pc still alive.

Hey the new Crysis Warhead coming in middle of september. I see the cover, hey look where the helmet? My thought would be... will they improve their overkill graphics? A longer storyline? any improvement nanosuit that can fly(lol)? i hope at best for crysis warhead. Ok, that all i can tell coz of im not even finish it the 1st game. Good luck me finish before it realise...sigh

New Gamespot 'skin' has cutting the fat

Hi guys so long im not log in it. Too much busy for my college assignment until i forgot to about gamespot account. But that not all what i mean is the gamespot has new skin! Its simple, flexible, easy to use and light. The pages has more arranged more properly, east on eyes yet easy to navigate. That all i can say, keep it up GS!

Goes to old-skol gaming!

Yesterday, i woke up morning with painful my right arm (yeah, my friend ask me to join them play badminton). Anyway, today is make me feel back to retro, my uncle give me a old console of he son and its was Sega Genesis with one game only, is Sonic( i don't the real title is). Wow, its been 6 year since i touch the Sega controller. Well i having fun, i just finish that game about 5 hour something. My uncle say "that game make your eye's red folk! You now 18 year old, be mature big guy!" The end of the day, my finger are cram and i can't do any work whole day. But that give me some back memory and its was great day actually, i been play pc nowsday. When i see that console its make me like a young kids. I hope your have this experince like me.


Need Help From All GS member.(Serious)

This may my dumbess question:

Guys, i need somebody help me about educational gaming industri information

My dream is create 2D/3D vide0games...but im lost. Im really don't know where supposed i headed for education.

So Im really2 would like to know from you guys what supposed i go Videogames course?

I need your opinion, suggestion website or forum or whatever that help me.

Im just finish study school, so i want to go college or higher.

Thanks a million or billion....and sorry for my bad english guys...:D

One of my friend is left the world already

Hypez Gamerz... :(

Im sorry not active GS this week becoz my hand are full, even then my friend died yesterday cozin accident between motocycle with other car(mybe, i hear from his sister), i feel pity of him, even always been bully from him bout anything(always bout video games in PC) pray for him rest in peace...amin...

Ok, what im doing this week is pretty busy after endin school...working with my uncle in making film then playing LEGO STAR I n II with complete 100% both just a week...been playing super hour..woah!

Im back everyone!!

Hypez to all gamerz!!

There are such a long time not seeing you all again since my final exam n its going well... :D

Soo what happen in GS now!!? Why all talking about Kane & Lych with Jeff?? That what i heard my dumb friends! Im totally missed!! Can anyone guide me with that? I smell the controversy...thankz all

Picture/Movie in coming n new look of my profile...:twisted:

Bye2 all...a month exam its getting started.

Hyez all Gamer!

Even im so-so active in GS...but just to say to all that im not active in GS for a month...SPM exam its getting started in november so i have to study struggle this week till the end...even im not always posting blog but i'll back n active fully to GS. My exam finish at 2 december...wish me luck guys. Make a flying colour to me...:):D:P


Happy Raya Aidilfitri and the Exam

Hypez Gamer!

Its really such a good day for muslim around the world! I wish all muslim-Happy Raya Aidilfiri days!!- the day that all muslim celebrate after fasting a month( Ramadhan ) n now come a new step of month in islamic calender is 'Syawal'(today). For me its was the most best day of my life! Because there having meeting a long-forgetten family relationship. Its strong relationship between muslim like friend/family reunion back. Im sorry my english are not so properly...

look my new image(look like no diff) what do you think guys?

this was a last year =

After(this year) =

Ha...there only 1 month to go of my final examination! The BIG exam is upcoming next to me! Whoaa soo nervous. Bout previously exan, the result so well-well, still bad too. But my math are horrible!! Im taking just 9 subject, its; Malay Language(BM), English Language(BI), Mathematic(M), History(SJ), Science(SC), Islamic Education(PI), AdditionalMathematic or Pure Math(AM), AddtionalScience-mix of basic Physic+Chemistry+Biology(AS), and last is Basic Economics(EA). So the result is, BM-60%, BI-41%, M-25%, SJ-45%, SC-42%, PI-50%, AD-06%, AS-48%, do you think can i get 80%(gred A) per subject? Why im feel soo bad... feeling crying but there no 30days left...i have to study hard n smart!

I tell you some story why n how my math n addmath are piece of crap!! While in examination math time(last month).. my stomach suddenly 'singing a music' n im started to sweat becouse i have to hold sh*t out from my a**! Can u believe i have to hold n suffering in 3 hour! i can't go toilet coz i cannot move at all...if i move its will be 'explode' dude! It will be the worst day of my what im to do with math paper? There are 25 question, 20/25 i only wrote "im sorry teacher, i can't answer these becoz my stomach make a sh8t! TQ :)" with blue pen n write it big...other my fren lookin my pale face. But addmath its different story...actual i knew nothing that crap paper! just leave n sleep 2 1/2 hour n let go....woahh best thing is this is just trial SPM, if the real SPM...its wasted what i learn 11 years...

so...i think im stop here...myb im continue blogging after SPM or early december...

about games- i really2 cannot wait CALL OF DUTY 4!!!!

i hoping all the best for gaming future!!

P/S: My dad say if i got a exellent result - im getting a PS3! but that beyond my limit to do

Im soo sorry guys! Here your option!

Hi Gamers!

First of all, im very sorry to all who waiting my blog post, im been busy these week because of trial examination SPM or Malaysian Certificate Of Education, which endin this wednesday, its been a month of exam - woah such a long day with pressure of my brain out! Wish me luck that getting a flying colour result! I thought i want to wrote something for you guys but...there have a choice, and i want you guys pick me for me the topic i listed below or your request to me wrote bout(which email me)...then i post you guys end of this friday or saturday( depends what my school timetable or event or whatever) choose one of them:

  • PC Fair II 2007 at Malaysia.
  • World Cyber Games at Malaysia and their updated.
  • Your request...pick the good topic please!

i want the vote by comment or email me as usually...i want the result before this wednesday(26th september). ok guys i trust u guys n i'll keep my promise.

p/s: Mine Mathematic was failed this exam... 34% of 100% :cry:

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