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Coming Soon: My Top 10 Female Video Game Characters

Hey guys, I thought I'd keep you posted as I'm going to be compiling a list of my favourite women in games. To clarify, favourite means characters that have amused, inspired, or impressed me, rather than write about a DOA Voleyball jug-a-thon.

To tell you the truth, its hard to make such a list since women are not very prominent in video games, but there are certain characters that have stood out from the scantily clad, bouncing sterotypes, and in the next few days I'll post it in the next blog.

You may not agree with my choices, but lets be fair, its MY choice, and so I expect you to respect my opinions, but primarily I hope to entertain you, since I believe the women I describe are original and fun to read about (and look at, if you really are into that).

Anyways, talk to you all soon, and be sure to check back in the next few days.



360 Returns!

I got my repaired 360 a few days ago and I'm happy and impressed. It was a very simple procedure, didn't take too long, they repaired my dodgy disk tray free of charge, it sounds smoother than ever, and also got a 1 month free LIVE coupon. Very pleased.

Back to DMC4 then :D

R.i.p 360, hooray for customer support!

Guess who got the 3 RROD on their 360? Thats right, me. I've had it for over a year now and up until now it played fantastically, and I have kept it in relatively good condition with plenty of ventilation (although it WAS vertical), then two days ago i came home from lectures to beat the bejeesus out of some demons in Devil May Cry 4 and i got the fuzzy red screen and the 3 red rings.

Its funny how you think that something bad only happens to other people, never you, but this wasn't the case for me, unfortunately. I called Xbox customer support, and despite the 15 minute wait before i talked to a human, the guy i spoke to (from Lima!) was really helpful and it only took around 15 minutes to confirm the problem, my email, and my address, and get him to send me a shipping label. I was anticipating spending an hour on the phone and getting genuinely pi**ed off, but it all went smoothly.

All I can say is, hooray for Peter Moore extending the 3 RROD warranty for 3 years, because my standard warranty finished around a month ago. Now all I have to do is send it and wait...and wait...and wait...

Hopefully I'll get it back in time for Gears 2 :P

Devil May Cry 4 Demo Impression

I just finished playing the demo and I can say I am very impressed. The fighting style and feel of the game has not changed drastically from the other titles, but it has been polished and looks stunning, especially the Berial fight. The only thing I'm not comfortable with is the controls, but that can be changed. Nero plays similar to Dante and is not as annoying as I once feared.

Download it if you want to try it out, it came today.


Movie Tie-Ins? Think of the children!

I made a promise to myself many years back, when i bought the original Blade II for the PS2: never again will I buy another shoddy console version of a blockbuster film. Being the wise gamers that we are (well, some of us), we know to steer clear of Fantastic Four, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Golden Compass on our 360, PS3, DS, or whichever console has the misfortune to be associated with said game.

Granted, there are a few games that stick out as above average, such as LoTR games, King Kong, and Chronicles of Riddick, but these are the exception, and after having played games for more than ten years now, I cannot recall more than a handful of successful games based on a film.

This makes me are game designers able to get away with hastily slapping a game together, stick the film logo on, get a few character voiceovers (usually fake) and release it to the general public? Not only that, but to have the game reach no.1 in the sales chart!

The answer, I the children.

Thats right, the children.

Think about it: a majority of films nowadays seek to appeal to the widest possible audience to get the most profit: first come the adults with films like Bourne Supremacy, and then the children.More and more films are seeking to appeal to kids' sense of wonder and fantasy by creating blockbuster films with a huge cast, impressive CGI effects, and a booting soundtrack which is as shallow as a very small puddle: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Golden Compass. Kids get swept up in the fantasy of genuinely decent films such as Shreck and Pirates of the Caribbean, and they want more. This is where the gaming market steps in.

Not only can a child watch their favourite film, cried the early film-game tie ins, but star in it too! These kids, after enjoying their McDonalds or BK Happy Meal and getting a toy of Jack Sparrow, Harry Potter, or Lyra, go on to convince their parents to buy the game that everyone else owns.

We, as adults, or at least mature teenagers, are for the most part not impressed with a completely messed up plot, questionable visuals, and more bloody button mashing. Its only through experience that kids begin to realise that the new Golden Compass game isn't as good as the film (which isn't saying much) and save their money to buy great, more appropriate titles like Mario Galaxy and Viva Pinata (it deserves a try, guys!)

Well there you have it. If you have a younger sibling who plans on paying X amount of their parent's hard earned £/$ or whatever...let them play your copy of Mario Galaxy.

(Sorry if I ranted a bit, and maybe I sound like an old moaner, but I'm only 20, honest. :D )

Taking a break (from relaxing)

Just thought I should let folk know that I'm busy studying and taking exams for the next month and a half, so won't be able to come on gamespot much. However, after exams are over I'll be able to put more time into reviews and blogs etc, and will be on LIVE for a while too for anyone who wants a game.

Merry Christmas, Gamespot!

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