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Good morning everyone,

I recently formed a club with a bunch of friends on the game and created a logo for the said club ( on to which turn 10 banned me from ALL CLUB and vinyl features ) .

I get creating a logo with a racer with both middle fingers up and calling it team FAK wasnt the best idea... so it seems lol.

My question is, after being redirected on forza site, which tells you to email turn 10 regarding any sort of bans, I got back an automated reply saying to go see the TOS, on which those tos tells you to send an email to turn 10... so its sort of turning in circles over here for nothing.

Got no news on how long the ban is, neither by mail or via my xbox, heck I dont even know if its permanent.

Anyone got any clues on how long turn 10 gives ban for these "offense" . I mean come on, I did pay a full 64.99 plus tax for a game that features got taken off. I seriously believe in moderating gaming but, this is somewhat ridiculous, a ban for a logo, when there is games like gta out there with porn and what not? lol

Thanks for any advice.

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Hey everyone,

Was wondering if any of you tried to order the collections via square enix online shop? Cant seem to go thru with the process the page just seems to f*ck up at address confirmation, anyone else had that problem?

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Cross platform linking question

I recently logged in the mog station to add my pc code to my ps3 account so I could play my character on both platforms, I accidently selected add new service instead of adding windows service... now I have two service tab to pay for lol.
Is it still possible to switch things over by canceling the service and re-adding it to my ps3? or am I screwed and have to restart a new char over -_-
Thanks for helping!
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Was wondering, I bought the game on ps3, can I somehow play it too with my vita? or do I have to actually buy the vita version too?
Thanks for the help! 

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Aiight thanks guys, got it anyway, pretty good for an arcade game, still hoping they add mp at some point!
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I know this type of game is usually single player only, but was wondering if any of you know if its mp too?

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Hi guys,

Before buying was wondering if it has a mp mode? thanks!

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Alright thanks for the info!
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So I keep hearing its a re-release, I have the original, was wondering if this was really the complete game PLUS addtional content ? Cause if it is Ima sell the original for this one lol


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Alright thanks man