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Taking a guess, I think we'll see at least one more Playstation hardware release from Sony (ps5?). After that, if PS Now does well then I could easily see Sony making the switch to a full time streaming service. A lot of the ISP's, at least in the US have the capability of giving better transfer speeds but choose to cap it. I don't think this gen will last as long as the previous gen so we could conceivably see new consoles in about 5 years. Add another 5 years to the "next gen" and by then streaming will be a legitimate option. All of that said, we're probably about 7 - 10 years from Sony or anyone else for that matter making this move full time imo.

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The game has had major lag for me the last two days. Yesterday it was off and on but today it's a complete mess. Hopefully it's ironed out soon.

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It looks pretty good. Hopefully they have the frame rate issues ironed out.

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I can't say people are missing out as I don't know what everyone's gaming preferences are. However, I would say that TitanFall is an extremely fun game that trumps what's currently on PS4 in terms of MP based on the limited time (just got an X1 last week) I've spent with it. For my MP fix i've personally been splitting my time between Killzone Shadow Fall and TitanFall with a little BF4 sprinkled in for good measure.

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Tomb Raider...I've never been a fan of the AC series but once Watch Dogs was delayed I decided to give AC4 a go. While the game is pretty good, for me its pretty boring. Ultimately it comes down to what youre looking for.

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I'm definitely looking forward to checking it out. 

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So would you guys want a sequel or should the train stop here?


I still haven't finished this one but I wouldn't mind a sequel if they made some major improvements. The core gameplay mechanics are fun but the enivornments need to be more expansive, more weapon options, customization...etc

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Thanks for the info. Im one of the few who found RBS enjoyable so ill be picking this up as well.

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At first I thought it was only for people that had pre ordered it, but I called gamestop and they had extra copies! it looks really good so far too. anyone else get the game yet?A7xhto

Gamestop called me early this morning letting me know I could pick up my pre-order early which was a nice surprised. I'm just getting around to playing it now though. What do you think so far?

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I personally stopped playing. The gameplay is solid but it takes too long to get into a match.