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It's just like Dragon Age: Origins!

 Well, except: It's faster, more streamlined, more visceral, more satisfying, more entertaining, shorter, shallower, sillier, more linear, and much, much more annoying. Verdict: 7 Awesome Buttons out of 10.

Au revoir!

Off to France for 11 days. I'll be going up Mont Blanc in Chamonix, then visit some Chateaux in the Loire Valley, and finally spend about a week in Paris with a quick stop in Giverny. Will be taking my laptop with me, but not anticipating many chances to go online.

Back in business

No gaming PC equalled no mood for opinions equalled no blog updates. But now, after months of frustration, collecting pennies and playing old games, behold:  Now, to make up for lost time...

I'm back.

Lucky me, that Rome airport was unaffected by that volcanic ash cloud of doom we've all heard about. Still, flights from Rome were cancelled by the bucket-loads - including my one to Vienna. As a result, my plan to stop in Vienna for a night went up in smoke, and my ticket home became useless. As final insult to injury, my airline went completely AWOL. So, I extended my stay in Rome for another night - my hotel let me do just that, so lucky me again. I then went on a three-day wild goose chase all over Rome airport to find a ticket home. Obviously, I succeeded, though it was a close call: I had to check in, pass through security and passport control and rush madly to the gate in just 30 minutes. Anyway, I'm home now, and I need a hot shower - and a good long sleep.


I'm off to Italy for about two weeks. I'll be tearing around Rome, Florence and Venice with quick stops in Pisa and Vienna (Austria) gawking at stuff and taking pretty pictures. Though I might be taking my laptop with me, I'll be too busy to update this blog while I'm gone.

Kdon't Kbelieve Kthe Kmarketing...

 ...if your background is in Windows, then Kubuntu Linux is not as easy to install and use as they say it is. On the bright side: It's not exactly hard either. Just have your patience and forum searching gloves ready. [size=8](Backlogged Entry: February 22)[/size]

Shiny new toy, woo!

 I like: Surprisingly big for a light laptop. Runs WinXP and my usual apps well. Multi-touch touchpad murders buttons. I don't like: Touchpad sticks like a fly paper. Corrupted .NET on driver disc forced a re-format. [size=8](Backlogged Entry: February 19)[/size]
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