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Replayability is everything!

To me replayability iseverything, i want a game to last forever or till theres a better sequal. Most games are just linear and when finished it the first time you actually done with it. So why people still buy these games? whats the fun of finishing a game in 8 hours and be done with it? Yeah most games you finish within 8 hours of game time. I would feel i'm being robbed and rather have gone to a amusement park or festival for that money. Luckely games like civilization and warcraft 3 excist, you just never get bored. Becaus they are always different becaus of randomness and/or by online statistic play. There should be more randomness or plot twists in games so people have a different experience each time they play. But that costs money and the specific game is unlikely to sell much more by it. Gz

The extinction of the hardcore gamer

Hi, Did you notice it as well? What happend to the gameplay?Most sequals get worse, simpler and easier. I just call up a couple of sequels that where "capped". X-com, the first 2 where great the 3th was good the 4th and 5th where just a heap of crap and not even with a cherry on top. Settlers, the first 3 where almost the same witch a minor gameplay increase the 4th whas leaving out on some minor things and the 5th is just rubbish. Railroad tycoon II was a good improvement, RRT III but with the last one Sid realy had a bad day. New games tend to have way less gameplay then games used to be. I like strategic management games and when a new one comes out it just has less to offer and sometimes micromanagement is completely gone. I like RPG's as well and most mmorpg's do i decent job (except for the questing). But i used to play RPG's with way more options, abilities and skills in the early games. Actually... every MUD rpg game (wich is text based) has more to offer on gameplay then all the mmorpg's together. If your patient, and don't dislike reading a lot try it out. I'v been asking myself for a long time why this and thought i share it with the communitie. Why do freelance spacesims offer nothing compared to Frontier released in 1991? 1: The big crowd/casual gamers, who just like to see awesome stuff happening and don't want to use there brains while playing but relaxing, is getting bigger and bigger. Theres nothing wrong with a casual gamer everybody got to play what he likes. But this means the hardcore gamer (wich has and will always loyal to the gaming industry) is getting left out. Most people also tend to like "easy" games while a Hardcore gamer gets his sattisfaction getting trough very hard parts. Let's just compare the extremes here Contra on the Snes ratchet and clanck on the PS2, Although the gameplay might be equal Contra is a tad harder.... LMAO. 2: The workload is to much, people want stunning graphics and effects. And becaus the graphics are the top coat of a game (Most people judge a game for more then 50% on the grapics), developers transfering money from the programmers to the artists. I however would not mind if my night elf was a green 2 by 2 cm atari 2400 block when i had 4 times the gameplay. 3: The side effect of commerce, people start to want more and more so developers drop theyre quality rating in order to bring more games out and make more profit. 4: Piracy, enough said i think 5: We are getting to old for this **** have a been there done that feeling for anything that i touch.... But still there are some rare candies out there that i do like. Atleast like just mentioned there are still a couple of good games out there. Companies like Blizzard and Bethesda do a good job on bringing something new, refreshing and even better games but only for certain genres. So the hardcore gamer should just look a bit harder and waste some money here and there. Eventually the hardcore gamer will become extinct, thats except for the FPS gamer becaus a FPS is all about graphics and speed. For gameplay there are basic standart guidelines wich is a good thing for this genre. - Mad Menno