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Four years later..

I stumbled upon gamespot while I was searching through google and remembered I have an account here. I'm just posting a blog because it's been 4 years, so why not say something? I still photoshop here and there because a very sweet young woman who I kind of lost contact with since my lazy ass is to lazy to go on AIM told me to download PS again. I did and still can create good shet. I'm in college, working 2 jobs. One at McDonalds and the other job as a music teacher for a high school. Fun, but neither pay good. For all of you who remember me, hey! For all who don't... well fine than. :) Good bye.

Miss me?

If you did, love it because I'm not sticking around again. I'll be on and off. Got my life you know. When I say life I mean GunZ: The Duel and chillin with friends that never leave me alone!!! Most of you will probably not remember me and many of you probably never met me. Well this is my most likly last blog forever!!! Da da DAAAA!! Love you guys! =]

Disney World Time! And I hate band

This might be long, but just read it please.. I need to let out my excitment and my anger...

To start off, I HATE BAND! My teacher is so mean and I couldnt stand his attitude to me today, he got mad at me for not knowing some of my notes and he stopped the cl@ss (I did "@" because it gets censoed)and told me to just play the right notes. I'm like how can I play them if I dont know them.. and than we play again and stops again and yells at me >.> I said "Well why didnt you tell me the right notes the first time you stopped the cl@ss to talk to me?" And he goes, "because I thought you knew, this is Highschool band" I said "Who cares if its highschool band, this is school and were supposed to learn so you should teach me like a highschool teachers should" and than hes like fine and wrote the notes on my music sheet and than we moved on to something different... >.>

DISNEY WORLD! I'm going to Disney World this Friday and I'm getting out of school early and just in time to get out of band... >: D I'm going on rides and I'm gonna come back with a tan. And I'm going with my grandparents and my cousin. It should be fun, I can't wait. I want this week to go by now!

What the ***********!

Its been a while since I made a new blog post. It might be long so bear with what I type or at least skim through the blog.

I'm officially level 31 on gamespot and wth is a "Ippon!"? I'm not sure what it is :S And I have been absent for a while so I hope you missed me :P

In other news I have gotten a good report card. I got:
Health 9 Q2: 83 (B)
Reading: 85 (B)
English: 85 (B)
World History: 80 (B)
Math: 90 (A) :D
Natural Science: 77 (C) :
Band: 81 (B) I HATE BAND!
Were in the 3rd marking period already, school is going by real quick this year.

Now about gfxspot, I'm co-leader of a site called Gfxspot and I think its been doing great. But the lack of activity has been going down. If you would please help out the site from dying, join the site! Please :oops:

I can't believe I had to ban 2 people on the site already. Well I didn't another admin did :P

Thats about it, have a nice winter

Ah the nice snow

It finally snowed today! But it didnt stick to the ground but its gonna be on and off today so theres hope.... its on the grass but not a lot I can still green. -_- I don't want school! :(

What is it with me and school? uhg

Alright I got my mini progress reports. I got 2 D's in 2 of the most easiest classes. Health and History. Wow in History I got a 66.9 and in health I got a 68.5. I got to bring it up... and I got to stop falling asleep in health. Seriously I fell asleep for like 30 minutes in health. I'm a freakin dumbass....and I can't believe it but I got a B in math and I don't know about reading but I don't think its good. I need help :\