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Where'd all the turn-based RPGs go!?

E3 was decent this year, but where the hell are all the turn-based players at? Oblivion and Fable - Get the frickin' outta here. We'll see how well you SUCK on kinect. FF XIII-2 better be beastly cuz FFXIII rocked my mismatched multicolored toe socks off!! Ive got plenty of games stil in wrapping that I need to get to so maybe by the time Im ready for it, RPG fans will have convinced developers to spend some time on other things besides shooters and kiddy games.

Where did all the time go?

Oh the games that need to be a-beaten!!

Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean, AND Prototype?? And those are only the 360 games, not to mention the ps2 games. All before Final Fantasy XIII on March the 9th of the year 2010. A day, that will forever

Video Game Addiction

For Video Game Addiction to really be considered a mental state/disorder people should be able to get out of being drafted if they have it. Having a severe video game addiction which Im pretty sure I have sucks. Having to hold a real job, actually two, sucks big time and leaves a person constantly haunted by visions of Halo sniping and Final Fantasy cutscenes.

Same Poo, Same Toilet

       Have you ever heard the expression, 'Same poo, different toilet'? Well Thats were the title of this post came from. Another semester gone and Im no closer to getting anywhere. The only constant is going to school, having to work too much and not getting to play enough. Maybe next semester will bring me into something new. Or Maybe I should let go of school and play video games until that something new comes up, well see.

Christmas Time!

As finals begin, so begins the countdown to break. Welcoming with open arms laughing at high school kids who are still in school while wearing down the butons of my controller from the comfort of my bed for a month.

Also waiting until the 25th, I got FF12 but told myself I would wrap it and wait until then to play it. Gotta Love It

PS3 or 360?

x360 def has the advantage in number of games and the fact that the system is purely for gaming. the quality of PS3 may be better but because there are so many other focuses of the playstation 3 entertainment system the games isnt as good as it could be. plus the PS3 being what like $600 makes a difference. sucks tho cuz i love PS and the games/developers that only work with sony. what a dilemma

School Over = GAMETIME

Now that finals are starting Im done with class next week. Which means that I can spend as much time as I want on games and stay up until 5 in the morning again.

How Splended

Professional Soccer

This is for anyone who decides to look at my blogs. I tried out for the U-23 Chicago Fire PDL team, and I made the first two cuts and have the last try-out at the end of this month. For anyone who knows anything about soccer, thats kind of a big deal.

Changing the topic of forums

I hate how I do it, but I have a tendency to post comments about what stupid people say in a forum more than what the original topic was. Too bad I cant write whatever I want, I bet I could make people cry...haha.

Yay For Stupid Little Kids On Gamespot

Im getting kinda tired of like 12 year old kids who get all excited about being able to post on forums and just be stupid. I hope I dont get deleveled or anything for being honest about those kinds of poeple in the forums. Guess well see

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