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When To Stop Playing

A lot of us ponder when are we going to stop playing video games. Some of us gets tired playing or stop admiring games at an early age. But I won't be surprised that , there are still a lot of players at age of 40. But exactly when are we supposed to stop playing? It's been nagging my intellect for quite some time now. I'll be having a baby by next month. My mom was like, "you're still addicted with your games, you'll be a father soon!". So what? I mean if we could be responsible enough and wont neglect those responsibilities then everything should be good.

But yes, the question still lingers, no matter how responsible you'll be for your family, when are we supposed to stop playing video games? I don't know the answer. I'm still fascinated with these amazing games we have right now. I recently finished Assassins Creed II andjust finished StarCraft II: Wings of Libertylast night and waiting for Heart of the Swarm not to mention the follow up to Blizzards next installment of one of their greatest games of all time Diablo III. I think we could play as long as we want to. After all there is still a child inside within us, it may not show will those facial hairs and wrinkles and stuff but it's in there. I have this officemate who's married with a kid and almost 35 years oldand still he collects toys. But still he remained responsible to his family.

So I guess, time will tell when we are going to stop. The time will come when we ourselves will say, I don't want to play anymore. I want to stop this. But for me, not yet...not now... maybe soon.