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It's been almost a year since my last blog. Lots of things happened the past months. I finished Dragon Age 2. Good game. I just don't like the gameplay that much. Good story as well. No big surprise or anything. Actually, it's a bit disappointing because there was no continuity from the main character in Dragon Age: Origins. I hope that the 3rd DA would be much better than this one.

I'm finishing The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, great game experience so far. Great soundtrack as well, it gives you the feeling that your into an epic saga kind of film. Great story as well. You will be given lots of choices that will affect the story line. Great graphics as well. The environment is really beautiful and engaging, although it's not an open world environment unlike in Far Cry 2 where you can explore the world.

My baby is almost a year old! It's amazing how time flies!

That's it for now! Peace!

StarCraft II - Add me up

Hello everyone! Good Day! I've been playing a lot of StarCraft II for quite sometime now. As you can see my 'Now Playing' list has been trimmed to only 1 which is of course StarCraft II. Anyway, we at SEA Region were given access to the North American Region following the Patch 1.1 of StarCraft II. Please feel free to add me in the game. My IGN is Kristiyano and char code is 434. I'm looking forward to play with guyz.


When To Stop Playing

A lot of us ponder when are we going to stop playing video games. Some of us gets tired playing or stop admiring games at an early age. But I won't be surprised that , there are still a lot of players at age of 40. But exactly when are we supposed to stop playing? It's been nagging my intellect for quite some time now. I'll be having a baby by next month. My mom was like, "you're still addicted with your games, you'll be a father soon!". So what? I mean if we could be responsible enough and wont neglect those responsibilities then everything should be good.

But yes, the question still lingers, no matter how responsible you'll be for your family, when are we supposed to stop playing video games? I don't know the answer. I'm still fascinated with these amazing games we have right now. I recently finished Assassins Creed II andjust finished StarCraft II: Wings of Libertylast night and waiting for Heart of the Swarm not to mention the follow up to Blizzards next installment of one of their greatest games of all time Diablo III. I think we could play as long as we want to. After all there is still a child inside within us, it may not show will those facial hairs and wrinkles and stuff but it's in there. I have this officemate who's married with a kid and almost 35 years oldand still he collects toys. But still he remained responsible to his family.

So I guess, time will tell when we are going to stop. The time will come when we ourselves will say, I don't want to play anymore. I want to stop this. But for me, not yet...not now... maybe soon.

StarCraft II

Good Day!

So I got my Starcraft II Wings of Liberty here in PI last Monday(MNL), it's a whopping $ 80.00 here or P 3,500.00. But the game is worth every penny. Great story, I'm not done with the campaign yet but so far it's really damn amazing. Gameplay is still the same, nothing much has changed. But as the game review says why change something that is not broken. There were lots of improvements on the graphics. It's more detailed than before and the effects are fantastic. Blizzard is known not just for making great games but also because of their ability to make astounding and cutting edge cinematics and cutscenes. The dialogues between characters are great as well and the voice actors were also great, they did what is expected from them. I haven't played much of the multiplayer, but I'm definitely looking forward to it. The rewards and achievements will keep players alike to play the game for a very long time. Thank you for reading my post and I hope we can play together in multiplayer soon coz North America servers are inaccessible at this moment here in SEA servers.

Updates... Updates... Updates...

Hello guys!

It's been quite some time since my last post. So our local weather station here officially release a statement telling us that El Nino is finally over. Just in case some of you don't know that, it's a phenomenon where long drought, no rain at all happens. It lasted for like 10++ months. At the same time, they also said La Nina is upon us. Damn, so after almost a year of no rain comes lots and lots of rain. Whew.

Anyway, I haven't been playing much for a couple of weeks. I've been very busy with work and studies. I did my final online exam for CCNA1 and thankfully I passed. I only need to pass the simulation part on Monday(MNL time). I'm currently finishing NFS: SHiFT. I kinda lost interest on Dragon Age Origins: Awakening. I need some motivation to get my interest back to it. I'm also starting over all the campaigns for GTA IV (i lost my saved game, grrrrrrrrrrrrr).

I'm also into my iPhoneApps for the past few days. So you see, my attention is divided to a lot of things. Not mention that my wife's pregnancy. I have downloaded tons of apps for my iPhone. I'm really satisfied with it. Only sad part is that iTunes is lock for PI only. And only apps are currently being offered here in PI. We can't download music, video and tv shows. I dunno their reasons. But I guess they want to prevent any possible piracy concenrs.

I'm waiting for Star Craft to be relased. I think it is one of the most anticipated game sequel in recent years. Almost 12 years of waiting for this sequel and I hope that it is worth the wait. I'm still wondering when will Diablo III be released, I hope it won't be too long. I'm dying to get my hands on it. That's all for now. You guys have a good one.

Mass Effect 2 & iPhone Apps and Cisco 1

It's been a while since my last blog. I've been very busy lately. As with my previous post, I've finished playing Mass Effect 2. It's a great game and I can't wait for the third part of the trilogy. I wonder what will be the results and consequences of the actions I've made in ME2.

I'm also pretty occupied w/ my new iPhone 3GS. I'm into tap tap revenge 3 boost. It's a great application because of it's gameplay and it's free! It's really amazing what this phone can do. It's an phone, a browser, organizer and iPod in one. Now, I don't know what to do with iPod Nano 4th Gen. The only downside to it is the pricing, iPhone here in PI will cost around P 37,000++ for the handset only which is around $800. The reason we bought is (my dad gave it to me actually) it's simplicity, great usablity and lots and lots of Apps. I was supposed to buy the HTC HD2 but I just am a big Apple fan.

Lastly, I'm now almost on the final stages of Cisco 1 (Network Fundamentals). we are into cabling now. I just learned how to make a crossover and straight-through UTP cable. I've also learned the different functionalities of the OSI Layer Model. Next thing to do would bethe Packet Tracer simulator and then off to our final exam which is on June 7. Hopefully I'll pass itand proceed to Cisco 2. Wish me luck guys!

That's all for now! Peace..

BTW, election is done here in PI. Lots of alleged electoral fraud. Smartmatic which oversees that automated election are being hit hard by legislators for unexplainedresultsprovided by the PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machines. Enough with this! Start playing! Haha! Peace..


I'm planning to get a new phone. Here are my choices, Samsung i8000 Omnia II, HTC HD2 and Apple iPhone 3GS. Which among the three should I get? Help!

NBA Playoffs, Yankees, Cisco 1 & Mass Effect 2

It's been a while since I updated my blog here in GS. A lot has been going on in my life. My wife is on her 5th month of pregnancy. :D. It'll be a difficult ride but an enjoyable one. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl though. Actually it does not matter what gender it'll be as long as he/she is healthy. That is all I ask for, a healthy baby boy or girl.

So, anyway, LA Lakers won againts the pesky Oklahoma Thunders. It was really a close game, thanks to Gasol's last second heroics LA will be waiting for the Denver-Utah series.

As for the Yanks, they just wrapped up an amazing April. Robinson Cano have been providing the Yankees with great hitting and absolutely fantastic defense. Pitching has been great as well. Thanks to the likes of Sabathia, Pettitte, Burnettand Hughes. I hope Vazquez will improve. He's been struggling so far on his 2nd tour of duty for the Yankees. Sports analyst seems to be right when they predicted that Javy will be having a hard time in the American League. He was pitching so good for the Braves last season with 15 wins and 2.87 ERA.

For my studies, finallyI was able tobegin studying Cisco 1. I've been planning to take CCNA Certificationsince last year but lackmotivation to do it.I'll be afather in 5 months,need mo money as they say. Of course, it's not just money but the knowledge thatI'll definitely gain from this training. We're currentlydiscussingSubnetting and IP addressing and I'm surprised that it is actually interesting.

Mass Effect 2

I just bought and installed the game last week. So far it is amazing. A great leap in terms of graphics, game features and gameplay from the first game. SSV Normandy SR-2 is a lot bigger that SR-1 consisting of 4 stories. 1st floor is for the Captain's cabin. Here the player can modify Commander Shepard's appearance for armor and casual wear. Players can also view here the aquarium. (You can buy the fish from one of the stores in Zakera Ward located in the Citadel). The cabin also has a small office for Shepard. He can access his personal terminal where he can read message and check squad status as well as possibleresearch upgrades. There's also a frame with whoever you end up with in Mass Effect 1, for me it's Liara T'soni. You can also view your badge (achievements) in one of the terminals here. There's also a place where you will find the replicas of the different starships you've seen from the previous game and the current game. And lastly you will also see here the space hamster that you can buy from a store in Zakera ward. I think it's the same store where I bought the fish for the aquarium.

I'll be discussing the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor on my upcoming updates.