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Reading my older blogs.

I was a little dickhead. I mean really. I abused my pet, I was an **** to everyone in the union, and I thought being a whiny and violent little **** was "cool."

Things change, but gamespot's censors haven't. Wow...

I wish I could aplogize to some of the older users here at gamespot, but they probably aren't around anymore.

4 New Games: The blog revealed (to the public)


God of War I & II

Tomb Raider Anniversary

They're all awesome. Tomb Raider Anniversary is a great faithful remake.

Blog and profile is now open to the public. Hopefully I'll make some new friends and those cultists won't come around anymore.

3 New Games: Revenge of the Sith

Diablo II

Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

Metal Slug Anthology

I don't blog often and nobody reads. But that doesn't mean I don't either. I can't decide which has you kill more guys... Metal Slug or Diablo 2.

I just bought a GoTY game for 60 cents.

Found Unreal Tournament at the goodwill for sixty freakin' cents! Not only that, but it's GoTY edition. It was just sitting there in a disk case, and I probably crapped myself when I found out it's only sixty cents. Dead serious. Ironicly, I also found an Nintendo stratagy guidebook from the 80's there too.

Talk bout' lucky. 0.0

Time for a random ass blog.

asdasdad. Don't even ask what that stands for...

I got Halo one recently. Not very impressed to tell you the truth. Right now I'm listening to MIDI music from Doom 2. My friend is spending the night. Looks like Vehicle Capture The Flag had him pretty excited in UT2004. He likes the thought of nonstop chaos and screaming while firing a weapon. Rawr. Played some Hitman recently, which reminds me of that one blog I got to finish... What's it about...? Oh yeah, that place with the drunk Santa. Maybe I'll finish it in my next blog. Crappy blogs I make here.

Short blog. Don't care.