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hey...its madguy

mot sure how many of yal remember me... madguy... but im back and ill be chillin here for a while. been at so just sayin hi

this is as random as i get

hey i finally got off my lazy bottom to make a video and post it here and i put a pic of myself here as well... so the video is called fat boy dance and pic=me! so if u have time... check em out.

city folk again....

i think that some people missed this so i am writing again saying i need some ac city fol codes...if u know places i can get some then plz....tell!!! cause im so bored without friends....

im back with city folk

hey everybody!!! ive gone for like what 3 or 4 months? sorry!anyways your friendly lovable mario loving buddy is on to post this! I got animal c. city folk and loving it! yeah i just started so i prefer you dont visit me but i wanna go to yur hometown! so leave a comment with yur accf code and ill get back to you fast! once again hi everyone! oh heres mine just for your info....399603321134

whats the deal with metroid?

im am not a metroid fan but i wanna know y all of yal like it. i wanna know a bit about the game cause i have never played so i wana hear u what u think bout it.

also...if u had to choose.... who do u like more?




king boo:twisted:

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