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The game is really good. Best combat ever in an mmo. Gives oppurtunity for players who have skill to be better then your average player. Offers alot of depth in term of Combat. PVE Combat is amazing you are always engaged in the fight. PVP is the best ive played, if you master your class you will destroy people. Graphics (environment, gear, mobs) are amazing. Has a asian art style which is offputting but easy to get over.

Questing - go here kill this. Just that but thats all mmos really have to offer.If your looking for lore you won't find it. If you are looking for amazing pvp and good combat this game is on awhole new level. Makes guild wars 2 combat feel horrible.

Its worth it, you should try the beta. The game is defnitely gonna be a hidden gem with false hype being around gw 2 .

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Hey guys im really excited about the game and all but I really want to try it out before i purchase the game and waste my life on it. So im wondering if there someone out there who can fulfil my request and hook me up with an open beta key for the game. So if anyone out there has an fileplanet subscribers account can you pm me a key?. Also how many people here at gamespot will be playing the game and what classes ?It wouldn't be a bad idea to start Gamespot Clan /Guild on the game if the community is interested :D

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I own it about to play it now . I didn't like l4d :S i loved the l4d demo and after that game was just reptitive and the simplistic gun shooting gameplay got boring in that agme. In killing floor its alot better. Defnitely should be a buy.

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Oh sweet so the game is coming to pc :D So stoked . Now lets hope they take care of it and it has acutal PC CONTROLS unlike mgs2. Also I hope its optimized well.

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OKay why does everyone bring fps, rpgs when it comes to cross platform?... Seriously this feature needs to be taken advantage of. for games like sf4, racing games (Grid). Action adventure games and co op games and basic rpgs. I really want cross platform for just about any racing game and fighting game. im going to get sf4 on the pc but doubt many pc gamers are so it would nice to play with 360 users and that goes for racing games also. COME ON MICRSOFT DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR ONCE!.

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Hey really glad to see MGS on 360. Just want to if you guys think it will be released for pc? I don't see why any game should be only on the xbox espeically shooter and not on the pc. Everything kojima said about mgs 4 couldnt be on 360 isn't valid for pc. So now that there is going to be an mgs on 360 do you think it should be on pc ? YES OR NO and why?. Also if its not on the pc do you think microsoft just doesn't care or the kojima just doesn't care?.

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at 1280 x 800. But for something like crysis i have basically everything on low except high for texture, medium shares/medium water and Crysis wars so dont mistake the fps for crysis warhead or 1.But i just editing my cod 5 config now im gettin 125 fps on high except for aa, ragdoll, glow, and couple other things to off.
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meh don't care tbh. Waitin on re5 for pc info and bionic commando, but most of all SF 4 PC !
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Well i ran it :S : I got 23 1280 x 800 on my laptop which get 90 in cod 4 /5 , and 30-60 in crysis wars.

Intel C2D 2.2

2.0 gb of ram

8600 gt 512 M

Windows xp 32 bit. Ill try different drivers, see if anything effects fps at 1280 by 800. I think i might get just because it will be playable and ill do anythin to get more jrpgs on the pc. Kind of wish lost oddyssey would make its way here and ff13 :).

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Best gaming laptops are here, BEST PRICES: I bought mine after alot research and this is place is the best


for more info i highly recommend you go here then gamespot for laptop questions

GL - I can sell you my sager for $1000 , it runs crysis etc easily especially MP. Crysis wars etc. Mine is under warranty pm for info.