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Just watched his Unreal Tournement 3 review and its great, think i'll watch his shadowrun one again :) lol


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Its been numerous days since Jeff was made to leave Gamespot and already i miss him dearly. This topic is so people can talk about your personal favourite moments of him on Gamespot. And before people say he's just he a person he was'nt, he was the man who played a major part in making Gamespot better than the rest, if you've got nothing good to say steer clear of this topic. One of my favourite moments was when the achiever point video feature was up and Jeff was telling the guy watching the tv set how to get more points and stop being a total looser. Man that is a classic Gerstmann moment.

I could talk about this all day but i think i'll cut it short before i go off on a another Rant about Cnet rehireing him,ahwell. Whats your favorite Gerstmann moment's ?

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Hey whaddup, ive recently been moving house and was wondering if any of you guys could recomend a reliable internet provider in the UK which is compatible with Xbox Live and has fast upload speeds at a reasonable price. Many thanks if you can get replys back to me asap,it'll be appreciatedthanks for your time.
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your not meant to be able to put it on......... or can you ?
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Just wondering what people have bought and what there going to go for, just a reminder of the versions.

Standard,Special edition tin with bonus dvd and legendary edition with master chief head and 2 bonus discs. I'm probably just going to be getting the standard one now, heard about the special editions being scratched and think i might give it a skip just in case. dont want a dud tommorow.

so which one are you getting ?

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Mario Kart Double Dash, Super smash brothers melee and Warioware

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Im kinda bored w/ my games and the only game I still think is fun is Excite Truck. I have 6 other games and im kinda bored of them. I thought it was supposed to be 3-D. Since it's not they took the fun out of it. What game should I get next?Is Pokemon Battle Revolution gonna be 3-D?

I think what your trying to say is your dissapointed with the Wii's graphics. i Agree with what your saying in some respects but i think gameplay overcomes graphics always.
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How many?

I have 11,275 but the points really proove nothing, it doesnt reflect in any way how good a gamer you are and i dont know why people take them so seriously.