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Add me Betch :>



Add Meeeeeee

on myspace and talk to meeeee

Its soooo boring on myspace lately

Nobodies online (no one I want to talk to anyways lolol >_>'

plus I totally fangirled my myspace up! with edited screenshots of Sasuke and Gaara -is a sasugaa fan-

yay : D

'Never point your finger at a crazy f*cking person!' >(



n_n um... lol the school library is opening up in a few days so I will be able to go there instead of lunch! = D yay I hate lunch period I mean c'mooooooooooonnnnnnn I don't even go to lunch to eat I just go to lay my head down and read xD and if I go to the library random teachers won't b nagging me to eat and sit with other kids :3

omg FHFIF is on xD yay lol

This is completly random but: I DONT WANT TO GO TO HIGHSCHOOL NEXT YEAR!!!! :0 -bangs fist down on table- I have no idea what I want to do in the future |[ maybe I can look into becoming a therapist or something like that I like listening to other people problems believe it or not I may not be the kind to express my feeling but I sure do love trying to help others even if I am terrible at it xDDDDD

-snorts- Okay sorry lolol x3


I'm writing a book or story or whatever you want to call it but I am not just going to type something up in five minutes this time guys I'm actually going to read through what I wrote look through the dictionary for more advanced words instead of using simple elementry words etc etc etc etc etc : D yesh spending half of your summer stuck in your room doing nothing but reading and drawing can do that to you kids! so take this from me actually try to do something with your selfs over the summer something none educational and boring *_____* ha lolol haha! xD :3 okay I'm done now sorry about that...

This. Really. Hot. Guy. In. My. Homeroom.




-rubs hands together-

I'm bored! : D

and school is pretty good so far

my art teacher likes my artwork

I made a few friends to

Yay I'm popular xDDDD


I was hoping to have gym *lass with Kat's cousin Ashley but no I have no clas**s with her not even lunch! (there is two lunch periods for the 8th grade)


and there is also







homeroom and science ****x3

he is also in my social studies cl*ss

Yay : D

I want to say hi or something but Iwilljustendupchocking xDDDDD

haha lawls The movie marathon last night was greeeaaaaatttt : D

Have some composure where is your posture? ohnonooooo Your pulling the trigger

Pulling the Trigger all wrooooooonnnnnngggg

Give me envy


give me Malice


Give me your a-attention!

Give me envy


give me malice



give me a break

When I say shot gun you say wedding

"Shot Gun"


"shot gun"



Teehee :P

Love that song!

Now I feel like singing annnnyyyyywaaaayyyy

HP Marathon ^_^ and school just started :0 which is actually okay

Kat and I are making or own group!

Its the HP group where a bunch of are friends choose a house (or we choose it) and year and we pretend we go to hogwarts! =D lolol

-Tries not to cry-

I can't take it anymore I feel like I'm going to break down any minute

I think I let out what I've been feeling alll my life to my aunt yesterday... but I still don't feel okay I still feel empty and I just don't feel good anymore I have been over thinking everything lately and I can't get to sleep I keep thinking about my mom

How could someone be so heartless?

I may not be perfect but I'm certainly not a retard >| how could you even say that I was only five I didn't even understand what that meant!

I just want to scream in her face thats shes not perfect!

She never will be!

The world doesn't revolve around you mom okay?

There are other people in the world besides you you know