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The Beginning Of My Final Teenage Year

So today is my birthday! Well for a few more minutes at least. :P I'm now 19 and since it's my b-day I'm going to be very lazy with this blog. I got ice cream cake, mexican food for dinner, money, games, a new guitar, a spongebob blanket and a few other things. Awesome

I will soon be in your back yard! No, seriously...

So I was talking to my best friend about a week ago, and the idea came up of a cross country road trip along the Continental US. Assuming we're able to get the cash and finish preparing in time, we'll be visiting the east coast (and places in between) this July for somewhere around 2-4 weeks. We still don't know exactly where we'll be going but we are going to try and plan things out a bit so we can avoid "the hood".

Rez Evil 5

I have the limited edition of RE5 sitting right next to me, but I promised a friend I'd wait for him to come over before I started playing it. This is such torment. :( UPDATE: Now that I've had a chance to play the game, let me say that this is one piece of sexy sexy gold.


I for some reason felt like posting a blog. It appears as though I haven't posted much of anything for almost a year now. College has been brutally kicking my ass and any time I have a break I usually spend that time with friends. :P I must now sleep, I have class in the morning and traffic court in the afternoon. BLAH PS - Eye Hart Pamo

More or less, a goodbye.

So I'm hardly ever on here, if you haven't yet noticed already. I'm not completely quitting GS, I just don't have an interest in the site anymore really. If you're interested in keeping in contact with me just send me a PM. I've got a 360, a broken PS3 and a Wii, so if you're interested in gaming, just let me know. I also have MSN/WLM in case you want to chat now and then on messenger, as well as a myspace page. So this isn't me leaving, just me not really doing anything but reading a blog or two now and then. ~Mike

So uhh

I'm back now. Looks like the site got a nice overhaul, I'm gonna have to get used to the changes I suppose. I was gone for quite a while because I couldn't afford internet with my roomie. I got to finish off the summer with my friends which is what I wanted to do before moving away for college. I've got about 2 weeks to chill and get used to living here in Port Angeles before classes start. Damn I miss my friends already. So uhh, go ahead and ask me about what happened this summer if you're interested.

Bai Bai =(

 My internet will be disconnected today so I won't be on for about 2 weeks. I'm moving in with a friend and once I'm situated I'll be hooked up to the web again. So for now, I leave you with Part One and Part Two of a hilarious song by Stephen Lynch. Also since I graduated this month, here's a song to commemorate: Vitamin C - Graduation No "Games I Bought This Month" blog this month, I didn't buy any games. I spent all my money on other things. :P Hope to see everyone again soon. :) ~Carter, out

Games I Bought This Month - May 2008

 This also just happens to be my 100th blog. Games I Bought This Month:  The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (X360)  The Orange Box (X360)  Grand Theft Auto IV (X360)  The World Ends With You (DS) I'm not sure but I might have a rare edition of Oblivion, it has a T for teen rating on the box. :? Song Of The Month: Major Tom by I Hate Kate So yeah, I level up tomorrow, my last day of school is wednesday, and I graduate on June 7th, life is great. I've been really busy lately though, so that's why I haven't commented in some of your blogs lately, sorry about that. :( Have a good month everyone, SERIOUSLAH!!!


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Games I Bought This Month - April 2008

 I got quite a few games this month, most were given to me by a good friend of mine, or bought at a garage sale for super cheap. Japanese Version  Flying Dragon (N64)  South Park (N64)  Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (DC)  Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (DC)  PlanetWeb Web Browser 2.0 (DC)  NBA 2K1 (DC)  NFL 2K1 (DC)  Toy Commander (DC)  Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (DC)  Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (PS2) In total I spent 40 bucks. 30 On Persona 3 FES, and the other 10 for the Dreamcast games. The N64 games were given to me. =D Oh, and of course, can't forget I got this baby. =D  It's the 349.99 USD model with the 20 GB HD, wireless controller, headset, and a free month of Xbox Live Gold. Holy crap, my next blog is my 100th one. :shock: