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You're diggin' it!

Hi friends.

Just a little update from me.

I posted a link to my band on OT, and I'm really impressed with all the positive feedback. I had kind of expected 8-9 people posting a comment in the thread, and then i would die out. Now we're reaching for the 80th post, which I think is pretty good. I painted by the bricksappreciate all feedback, even the less occurring negative feedback.

We will play our debut concert this friday, it will be a blast. I will keep all who commented on my music updated when we upload a new track. Hopefully you will enjoy that aswell!

Thanks man. Appreciate it!

You rock!

Update.. Morley and 21!

Hello dear friends. Just a small personal update!

Level 21

Alright, levl 21. FINALLY! Level 20 has been the hardest level so far, and i didn't help it that i was moderated 2 levels down a month ago.. But finally, thank god! This made my day, but now it's time for a long walk to 22. Wish me luck.

Morley Power Wah

Power Wah

Yes, yes YES! It has arrived. The closest you ever are gonne get to that Clffy sound. My parents ordered it for me for christmas, but eBay, y'know? So (Anesthesia), here we come! Just look at it.. It's a beauty!

R.I.P. Cliff

Queens Of The Stone Age

Just saw them last sunday. And one word: WOW!

My body is still sore som massive moshpit, and i bet i contracted some kind of ear injury.. They went bezerk, i went bezerk, especially when they played Song For The Dead. I stood at the very front, and to put it nice and easy: THEY ROCK! Truly a magnificent band. Our local music magazine Gaffa rated the koncert 6 out of 6 stars. So grats QotSA!

Queens of the

That it's for now. Be happy!

Cliff Burton and STUPID PUNISHES!

Now.. I just wanted to let you all know a couple of things.

What saves my day:

Listening to Metallica, especially Clifford Lee Burton. (1962-1986). That man plays bass like nobody would ever be able to. His unique style is beyond my comprehension. According to is paernts, he spent up to 6 hours a day perfecting is technique. A genious. He simply walks into Mordor! R.I.P. Dude!

Cliff Burton

What ruins my day:

Launching BF 2142, joining Gibraltar, using a jeep, running 2 people over by accident, PUNISH.

What is WRONG with people man? Those kind of people deserves a punch in their little, ignorant faces. "Oh,you hurt me, so now i'm gonna hurt you!!!!!1111 noobzER teamKilZ nabZ i PuniSH U!!!1234 shift+one..." They don't even care to see if i said "sorry" or anything. That ruins my day man. When you bail out of a burning plane and your stupid teammates stay put.. That sends my score back to "Private". Damn man.. Pull together.


This is my first blog. No one ever visits my profile, so i dunno why i'm posting this. But i just had to write this down. I HATE IGNORANTS. And god are there many on these forums. Self-absorbed little annoying kids, who don't know what they are talking about. Straighten your backs damnit!