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The PS4 - Thoughts

Dont like it.



-Great graphics

-good new games line up

-controller redesign with better thumbsticks

-(seemingly) better interface

-Uploading gameplay videos easily



-"Share" button

-friends can watch you play from their TVs

-friends can take over for you from their TVs

-Tracks your preferences and predownloads things you are likely to buy (As a conspiracy paranoid freak, this one is scary)

-saves game exactly where you left off using RAM memory (huge energy wasting possibility)

-connection with social networks


Yeah... while the PS4 looks great and has a lot of potential for some good blockbuster games, i feel as if it will all be drowned by excessive amounts of sharing sharing sharing and SHARING! Realy... a SHARE button? Why? I dont wanna post on facebook that i managed to accomplish some random feat in my game. Gaming me and social me are two very different people, with different interest and different friends. We hate eachother.

Also, the whole friend watching you play, helping you thing will be horrible. I hate people watching me play, now they'll let them do it from the comfort of their homes!!?!? I already know i suck, i dont need my friends finding out and repeatedly telling me over the internet, which is the only possible outcome i see coming from this. The friends helping you over the internet feature also has some evil possibilities. What if they decide to be a total douche and screw up your game?! With friends like mine, this is almost inevitable. *sigh*

Something that really REALLY bugs me about the PS4 though, is the "downloading things before you buy them" feature that was mentioned by the gaikai representative. What i took from it: So basically, they're telling me, that my ps3 will keep track of what i play, what i look up, and what i download, record it somewhere, download things WITHOUT MY PERMISSION into MY SYSTEM, take up MY MEMORY, and i wont be able to access the aforementioned content until i buy it?


Not only is this a HUGE security and privacy risk, its just plain CREEPY. I DO NOT want machines to have recorded information about my likes and dislikes. Why? Because they'll create advertising that works for me! I dont want that!! Its hard enough to hold on to my money as it is. And also because government conspiracies and such. Yes, it provides ease of access. No, i dont need ease of access and wont trade it for my privacy.

Sorry, sony... I think im gonna skip this one.

Yeah... Why not?

Havent done a blog in a while, so this is basically just for the hell of it.

Who can name all of the characters shown in my profile?

That is, name of character + Game they came from.

Yeah... why not? :P
Have fun.


I cant open my messages.

Every time i try it takes forever to open the inbox, then when i click on an unread message, it takes forever to load, but then instead of loading it decides to go to a blank screen.

no, no... its cool...




A return... kinda?

So I've been back at gamespot for a bit now.

I haven't been doing all the crazy posting i used to do anymore though, sorry.

Life's been busy. Even though i AM on vacation, i still have lots of things to do.

Like gaming...

and E3 :D

Thats mainly why i started using this wonderful site again: Game information

mostly about one game in particular...

see if you can guess by looking around my profile.

Completely lost?

Well, ill just tell you. I'ts Assassin's Creed 3.

Ever since i got my PS3, the AC franchise quickly became one of my very favorite. I own/completed every game in the series and i CANT wait for the next one.


I watched all the released trailers and gameplay demos at least 20 times each, obsessing over every little detail and trying to find as much information as possible.

I dont think its very healthy... :|

then again, i dont care :D

Maybe I'll become a deranged poster again once i get the game, because im sure there will be PLENTY of things to discuss.

might preorder it, might not. Still undecided.

By all possible accounts, this game looks AMAZING and possibly GOTY material.

What do you guys think?

Anyways, enough rambling. Im... semi back, so please someone tell me what iv missed. (im sure theres a lot)

I have 206 unread messages, and im kinda scared of going through all of them ._.

so yeah, that concludes all the random, scattered muttering from me today.

Thank you to anyone bored/deranged enough to read this



An Addiction

So, i have a PS3, and im extremely addicted to it :P

This is mostly the reason why im no longer active

My PSN is m4t3u5LP, just like my name here.

Add me! :D

Fate has shown it's hand.

Yeah... my internet is gonna be down... for a while. My building decided to get rid of the public internet... which means i wount be able to come here until i get my own modem


im at my friends house today, using his internet, so ill try to do some stuff... but i wont be here for a while.

Temporary Leave

So yeah... I got a HUUUGE project to do and have had no time to come here or play videogames

Ill be gone till i finish it, since its worth about 50% of my grade.

I thought i should let u guys know

Flying in Style!

Hey guys. Short blog today.

I was working on a fighter ship i had started but neglected. Using a new-found determination, and the good old Blender 3D graphical designing engine, I managed to finish it.

Pretty Epic :D What do you guys think?

Finishing this was a pretty good way to start the week. I almost forgot it was Monday :|

Ah... monday :evil:

Ratchet and Clank Virtuoso

To start off, Sorry i havent written a blog in a while... Been busy.

Secondly, Im now in lvl 20, known as "Metal Slime" which is an epic name :D Probably my favorite so far.

As far as gaming goes... I AM EPIC. Like the title sugests, i have been playing Ratchet and Clank. My absolute favorite game series, and i beat ALL the PS2 games 100% :D

R&C 1 - not much of a reward...

R&C: GC - you get beach ratchet and you can teleport to all the activities (races, moon fights, museum)

R&C: UYA - Door to the museum is basically it.

DL: NINJA RATCHET!!!!! you move faster, hit harder, ANNNND you have a sword :D (not to mention "look awesome")

Iv been planning on getting a ps3, and I cant wait till i get my hands on the R&CF series. Im especially excited about All 4 one. No matter what people say, it cant be bad to play co op with friends over the internet.

As a last remark,

Red vs Blue KICKS MAJOR A**!!!!!


New theme and progress

i changed the theme of my profile (as you can tell)

wanted an icon avatar, and now i have one. I also changed my banner to a more modern and "paint-like" one.

I used the one i made for the Dreadzone Union as a base. Iv yet to change my blog header image, but i'll get there.

I made a bit of progress with R&C UYA. I only need 3 skill points now, however Im still stuck at 2 bolts.

It all revolves around the dreaded qwark vid comics iv come to hate :P

Iv been posting with the glitch lately, and there doesnt seem to be any flood warnings... So heres a tip.

In a union open the board, then open threads on a new tab! Then you can always return to the board. This way, you might actually get some posting down.

I guess thats it for today. I didnt have much to talk about, but at least i had something :P Iv been out of ideas of what to blog about till this glitch came along and i started playing UYA again (yes they are connected)

To infinity and beyond


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