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What I play lately

I still enter eRepublik 2-3 times per day. They (the admins) just added one more quality level to the training building in order to force all players (who want to be competitive) to spend 50, 100 or even 150 gold for upgrades. I wonder when will they stop that. Training buildings are at q4 now; I guess they can reach at least q7. I'm totally aware that the goal of the game is to generate profit, but they could have chosen some not so annoying way to do that. In the subway I play Forest Lines. Really addicting. I'm soon going to upload my first score. I already scored more than the first in the leaderboard, but I can do even better. This evening I played a few games of Brood War in iCCup. I can't believe that 14 years old game still causes such an adrenaline rush