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Chicago Auto Show!!!!!!!

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Woot!! If there's anything better than videogames it's cars so I went to the Chicago Auto Show on Sunday it was awesome!!!!!!!!

Here are some Pics :D I was going to add funny quotes but I'd figure you guys would apreciate the cars more :P If it comes through your town you guys should definitely go and do the rock climbing!!

And if you guys can come up with a funny quote I'll give you's a hug :oops:



Lets Get Something "Straight"

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I'm not straight >_> I am gay Now the reason I bring this up is this


[QUOTE="mohan88"][QUOTE="lzorro"][QUOTE="mohan88"]Ok, let me get this right.......... Izzaro are you gay lzorro
"Lzorro" actually :P To put it delicately.....yes:P

Wow, we are not friends anymore............................

Ummmm......ok I guess :|

I really don't need that. I was trying to make light of the situation, but yeah >_>.....

This is anyones chance to opt out right now, if you don't want to be my friend that's okay I understand...there's no need to explain or feel sorry for me...If it makes you that uncomfortable just hit that little button that says "stop tracking."

Ummm that's all I have to say...:( Excuse me :(

If anyone is interested in the Thread

It's been a while...

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Well how long has it been? a couple of months now? Maybe half a year? Well who knows really but point is that I'm kind of back :P

I would be fully back except that I've been working at Old Navy like crazy I'm there till like 2-4 AM in the morning! :shock:

But anyways I've got some free time here and there so I just wanted to know how it was going with everyone?

Me I'm ok last time I updated you guys on my life I wast starting college, relationship.....

Well College is great I ended up getting A, A, B, C and I'm getting money back because of the two A :D

As far as relationship goes me and my boyfriend broke up recently 8 months together and then kaplutz...:(

But anyways tell me you guys what have you been up to? I'm interested!! Not to mention it gives me someting to do at 2:45 AM in the morning :P lol.

Goodbye (to all my friends)

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Allright I might soon be undergoing some problems with my life so I might not see any of you guys for a while ;cry: My life is currently messed up I just quit my job and I think I'm having and identity crisis :(....Well for if some strange reason I never return I just wanted to take the chance to say goodbye to all of you guys now.....

-Masterchef-: I love your sigs you've got some real talent hopefully I'll return to see some more :)

Ace_451 & The_Extremist_ : I hope you two enjoy your PS3 :)

AgentA-Mi6 : Please give up the loli!! :P

Alucard32 : It's a shame that your just returning >_> but I hope things go well for you after you graduate :)

BigBadButters : Hopeful I'll still be able to talk to you through the Wii messages :D

caje47 : One of the first reasonable people to ever enter SW ;)

carstairs : What can I say except you really are the king at GTS :P

Def_Jef88 : Well I haven't seen you in a while but I loved that you brought me hot dogs though :lol:

dj_pulserfan : Well I hope to see you on myspace so maybe this isn't goodbye :P

dragonlife29 : Man I'm going to miss you!!! :cry: the MK tourneys the pwning at MPH the Poke battles I will return just for you :oops:

g-master999 : I hope you get good scores on your U.S. AP history test 8)

GreggD : Dude I'm gonna miss your blogs! I always used your blogs to expand my taste in music and recently movies as well ;)

helium_flash : Ahh the pretty miss, I hope Your still not pissed off about your 360 and that everything works out!

jem_gal : I just met you but you sound like my type of friend ;) It's a shame :(

jensen_slipknot : Honestly I don't know much about you but I had to throw you in b/c of your avatar :lol:

KingK125 : I hope you and your gf have fun :P But not too much fun though >_>

leegar88 : Well talk through the Wii and maybe some SSBB matches too!

LOLhahaDEAD : I hope you keep passing some more games heck you've motivated me to pass some of mine :o

NakedSnake25: I wanted and update on your sister but I might not get to see it so I hope everything works out for her :)

NekoTheSpook : What can I say your one in a million I love to read your opinions because you really put allot of effort when you write a comment or blog...Keep doing what you do :)

Poetically_Just : Wow things are looking good for you what with your gig, school, and your GF I hope things only get better! 8)

psychojakrabbit : Man I'm gonna miss reading your poems :( even though admittingly I have a hard time deciphering them sometimes :P anyways I hope you stick to all your plans especially the book!!

reggie186 : My fellow Wii forumer! Viva la Wii :P I feel bad that you bought Spiderman 3 though >_>.....

RoyTheViking : Change your avatar seriously it's scary! :o

SectionSniffy : once again your grandparents are hot!!! :P But seriously that whopper you caught looked delicious :P

Silchas : Ah my messy haired friend :P Who somehow always managed to beat me to ther first post >_>...I'll miss that.

Sim_genius : One of the great from OT!!! Who just so happens to like Mango!!! MMM :P Anyways enjoy the 360 while you can, especially the DOA boobs lol

SinkO : the NES aficionado :P anyways I'm gonna say this once don't walk outside in nothing but your boxers...there's children out there :P

Squidney : OMGS these are for you 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 :D

steppinrazor88 : My cute friend :oops: How will I go on!? :cry: I hope you and Ashley decide on a day soon!! :P and remember secretaries are HAWT!!! :oops:

still_thinking : One dedicated GSer 8) Everyone track him now!! :P

tomxizor : If your in OT and you don't know this person you deserve to be smacked :| He's sense of humor is beyond compare :P and not to mention he got my brother into BR I don't even know how though >_>

Trippinskott : I hope your website gets a million hits once your done sprucing it up that is :P

TrueReligion_ : Great SW poster not to mention he has one nice set up 8)

I'm sorry if I didn't mention you it's just that your didn't make blogs...or they were really short or I didn't read them :cry:

Life's Good! 8)

by on

God I feel like I haven't been on in like forever!!! But I'll have none of that....

I've recently bought Super Paper Mario and it's awesome but I don't have much time to play it since I'm completely in love with Pokemon Diamond and that loses out to my job which is getting better especially since I"M GETTING another RAISE!!! :shock: :D And they all lose out to a special someone that I've just met :oops:


Yep Life is definitely better! 8) I hope you guys enjoy your weekend cause I probably won't be on :cry: I'm going on a date tomorrow :oops: and then on Saturday I'm hitting the clubs with my best friends :D and Sunday well....I'm sure something will come up :P I'll still be on just not as much >_> :cry:

EDIT: Spiderman 3 blows >_> 

It's ma Birthday!

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Yep today April 17th is my birthday :D I'm the sexy age of 19 :lol: And boy how 1 year can change your life...In one year I went from being in the tope 2 percent of graduating high school seniors to a college dropout. In one year I went from a man living in fear of prejudice to a man living in the joyful bliss of acceptance. It seems impossible that 1 year in your life could change much but I've honestly feel as though everything I've experience in this one year will help me in the future :D But enough of that wouldn't be much of a party if I didn't have.........

For me [spoiler] [/spoiler]

For you guys [spoiler] [/spoiler]

The Cake [spoiler]

apart from fun the DS is also Delicious :o [/spoiler]

The Music [spoiler] Everyone's favorite artist/bands/singer :) and of course


Drinks for everyone :D



And to wash down the cake



Thanks everyone :) and I hope to do this in one more year.....*I swore I wasn't going to cry :cry: :P *

Worst Week Evar! (I spelled ever wrong)

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Sunday: My favorite jeans get a hole :cry: Come on people you can't tell me you don't have a favorite pairr of jeans...

Monday: My Superior is on vacation and I'm stuck handling 3 departments (Molding, Extrusion, & Finishing) by myself!!! :evil:

Tuesday: Superior is still on Vacation and I found out she's actually quitting :o now it's just me *sigh*

Wednesday: Well nothing too bad to my recollection...........Ahhh HumpDay never disappoints 8)

Thursday: I crash :cry: and my car is gone :cry:

Friday: I'm stuck running (literally) around getting people to help with my car......

Saturday: My mom throws my favorite pair of jeans out :cry:

I know it's not really that bad, but you know its irritating when things don't go the way you expected them to....On a happier note I do have some new Images 3 hopefully if you guys want to see them; no need to comment though unless you'd like to :)...Well I am looking forward to this week because I should be getting a Pay raise on Monday 8) which is a good start to what I hope is a good weekend 8)

Pic of crash right below

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

EDIT: yey!!!! 2.000 views I'd like to thank everyone that made that possible :oops: especially my stalker :P

Confessing My Sins.....

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So I decided to confess my sins (being Catholic and all) and I said the usual i.e. fighting, cursing, direspect my elders, etc., etc., and I also decided to confess that I was gay....And the priest's exact words where "Is that a bad thing?" and when I think about it I guess it really isn't...all he gave me was a short penitance which makes me think why did I confess such a thing in the first place? After that my bros (who also confessed) and I started walking to our cousins house and then they started to talk about what they told the priest and I just closed my eyes and blurted out everything...and again their reaction was acceptance; so I guess I'm just happy that of their acceptance the only issue 1 of my brothers took was "Can we still make gay jokes?" :lol: I laughed and said yes :lol:

 EDIT: Whoot Emblem changed to popular 8)

My face!

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I've decided to use a cool pic of me as my Avatar :D You can't really tell but I have a mohawk (or fauxhawk as I so recently found out) ;) that means my coolness points are automatically doubled 8). I figured that the gaming community should know who I am; so if you ever see me in the streets you can be like hey! I've seen his kick a** posts on Gamespot! lol. This is actually the Picture I use for myspace and because of it's small size you can't see pimples or other bad mojo lol. I'm pretty Hot aren't I ;) lol

I wasn't sure if people could see it or not :oops:

My 1st blog

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No offence Shirley_Temple, but your coments on TP are just as unwanted as the actor you name yourself after. nasty_butler16

Seems odd to start off my first blog with a quote but I can't help it. I was in a thread about LoZ: TP (Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for all you noobs :P) and like always I was awaiting the arrival of "Shirley." Why? Well she (assuming) has the oddest tendency to remind us of how bad she thinks LoZ: TP is and she just so happened to do so again, but this time some people did not ignore her and they went off on her. While it was unfair of everyone to just attack her I don't feel sorry for her because she know what happens when you insult a series as big as Zelda (Ex: Halo 2 is horrible). Out of that entire thread the only good thing to come out of it was that quote just because of it's comical value though. However I think posters should remember that other people's opinions should not be devalued because they are different from yours. That's all.

EDIT: Turns out Shirley is a DUDE. Wicked lol.