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Wow, it has been almost two years...

... since i last posted a blog entry.

To all my old GS buddies, here's my greetings. Hope you guys are still around and everything is well with you all.

Stopped by to say i'm still alive and kicking. :lol: Actually, i've never been better in my life. :) Finally found the love of my life and i couldn't be happier.

Hope to see you guys. Cheers. :)

A long due update

Hey everyone, long time no see, uh?

How's everyone doing? Good, i hope.:)

Just wanted to drop in to say hi and give a little update on my recent gaming activities.

If anyone bothered to check the games i've been playing, you'd see i've been playing XB360 and PC games. That's right, i'm on my way to becoming a full fledged Manticore! Nah, not really.:P I don't have a Wii and a DS and honestly don't plan on getting them.

I've been having quite a good time. On top of the PS3 games, i've been enjoying games like Gears of War 1 & 2, Alan Wake, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and Mass Effect 1 & 2 on my XB360 and games like Penumbra Collection and Amnesia: The Dark Descent on my Laptop. Mass Effect has become one of my favourite series of all time. Mass Effect 2 is still my personal GOTY 2010 up to this point in the year.

I like to post pictures:P, so here's a few pictures of my games and setup:

My two babies, PS3 Slim 250GB and Xbox 360 Elite 120GB.

My new Laptop.

My PS3 and Xbox 360 collections. This pic is missing my recent purchases, Fallout New Vegas for PS3, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and Metro 2033 for Xbox 360.

Btw, if anyone wants to add me on XBL, my gamertag is Brumed. I need more friends.:)

So, what have you guys been up to lately?

See you around!:)

Heavy Rain will blow your mind

It's been a while since i've written a blog about a game, but boy, does this game deserve it!

The blog title says it all. If you're a mature gamer and like mature themed games, you owe yourself playing this.

Don't have a PS3? Go out and buy one now, borrow one or steal one, it doesn't matter, you need to play this game!

There's so many things i would like to say about this game, but i won't because i don't want to spoil anything. All i'll say is that the game looks fantastic, gameplay isn't like anything you're used to and the story will blow you away, making you pause the game sometimes to actually reflect about a decision you have to make, and probably make you shed some tears.

Awesome game! One of the best i have ever played.

R.I.P. 60GB PS3, Hello 250GB PS3 Slim

Yes, the day i've feared for quite some time has finally arrived. My PS3 died yesterday with a YLOD. It all started Saturday though, with the console freezing and shutting down by itself all the time.

This is the 8th PS3 that breaks within my family. I just got a YLOD, my brother got two YLODs, one of my cousins got two YLODs as well, another cousin got a YLOD and a dead blu-ray drive and another one got a dead blu-ray drive too. Four of those consoles were sent to Sony by me, i took care of the process for two of my cousins and brother. I'm sick and tired of packing dead PS3s and calling Sony to be honest. Sony boasts about the reliability of the PS3, but quite frankly i think the failure rate numbers they're showing are flat-out lies. Every single day i see someone on the Internet saying their PS3 has broken and here in Portugal we have to wait two or more months for a refurbished PS3. When confronting Sony Playstation's costumer service they even admitted they are out of stock of refurbs. My brother is waiting for his since December 30th 2009. Why is that? Because they don't have enough for the huge ammount of replacements they have to make.

My PS3 was almost three years old (23/03/2007 - 22/02/2010) and it's out of warranty since its second anniversary. No point in calling Sony at this point, so i went out looking for a 250GB PS3 Slim Bundle and was lucky to still find one since they are pretty much sold out around here. I got a 250GB PS3 Slim + Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty + Eyepet + Playstation Eye, all for the ammount of 349.99€. It was a pretty good deal and so far i'm happy with my Slim.

I spent my last evening restoring data i was smart enough to back up a couple weeks back with my old PS3, downloading all my PSN games, updating them and tweaking the system settings. Unfortunately i wasn't able to restore the copy protected saves. There went down the drain 40+ hours of Demon's Souls, my Bayonetta progress, RE5, AC2, etc. Sony should really do something about this. It's possible to transfer all the data, copy protected as well, from one PS3 to another plugging the two together, but what about when one breaks with a YLOD and doesn't work anymore? Yep, it sucks big time.

Anyway, what happened, happened and there's no point in crying over the spilled milk now.

See you guys around and thanks for reading.:)

I'm still alive

Hey, how's everyone doing? Good i hope.:)

It has been a while since i last posted a blog entry and there have been good reasons for that. Work and more recently my holidays have kept me away.

About my holidays, for a change i left the island where i'm usually stranded.:P I went on a twelve day trip across the Portuguese mainland.

Started off in Lisbon, capital city, where i stayed for three days. I already knew the city, in fact it's the only place i know in the Portuguese mainland, but nonetheless, i wanted to visit it again. Here is a picture of me near the Torre de Belém, one of the city's and country's landmarks:

Check out teh shades

Next i headed south to Faro, capital of Algarve, a region known for it's warm weather and great beaches. I stayed there for six days. That gave me the opportunity to get to know not only Faro, but also other places like Albufeira, home of some of the country's best beaches. Here i am in Albufeira:

Couldn't wait to get in the water...

For the last three days i headed towards the north, to Portugal's second biggest city, Porto. Porto was a really pleasant surprise, it's a beautiful city, filled with beautiful old buildings and bathed by the amazing river Douro, in which shores is produced the world known Port Wine. Here is a picture of me near the D. Luiz I bridge and a picture of Avenida dos Aliados:

Beautiful bridge

Those are painted statues, in case you're wondering...

Came back home yesterday, tired of all the walking and long train trips, but really happy with what i've experienced in this holiday. I had a really good time.:)

Btw, my eyes are not closed in those pics.:lol: They's just semi shut due to the strong sunlight.

Well, this was an update on my whereabouts. See you guys around.:)

A trip down memory lane

As i was growing up, i was mostly a Sega guy. Played the Master System, the Mega Drive (Genesis for my American friends) and even the Game Gear. Also played the Saturn and the Dreamcast, but that was when everything started to go downhill for Sega. For me, Sega had its gold age when the Mega Drive / Genesis was out.

I bought Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection the other day. Bought it because there isn't anything else coming out now that really interest me. I was a little afraid that i wouldn't enjoy this collection of classic games from Sega because i might have been spoiled by recent generations games. Boy, was i wrong... The minute i started playing games like Alex Kidd, Sonic, Streets of Rage, Altered Beast and many others, my mind was flooded with so many memories of the many afternoons and evenings i spent playing those games with my friends, especially with my cousin Roberto who was like a brother when we were growing up.

I felt good inside when those memories started popping up. In these times where life seems so much hard and less happy, having those memories and feelings was really great. I never thought classic games would have this effect on me.

Thank you Sega, for giving me the opportunity with this collection of games to remember some of the best childhood moments that i had.:)

And so the drought begins

At least for me it does.

Until October, there's no must get game coming out. From that point on though, there's more games than i can handle. I hate this. I hate the fact that most high profile developers choose to release their games around the holiday season. I know it's the smartest thing to do since that's the time when people buy more games, but i think it would be good if they chose to release more games during summer time. It would be good for more dedicated gamers, that like to have great games throughout the whole year, and lets be honest, a great game sells any time of the year.

Oh well. Guess it's time to finish some games and replay the ones i've been wanting to play again.:)

So, how about you guys? Do you feel the same way or do you disagree with me and think this summer drought some gamers talk about is a myth?

In other news, i got the Platinum Trophy for inFAMOUS. I'm not obsessed with trophies, but inFAMOUS was so damn good and fun to play that i decided i would go for it. I played the game twice, once as a good guy and once as a bad guy. Amazing game, the ending was really great. Bring on a sequel!:D

InFamous owns me...


Seriously, this game owns me right now. I can't freaking stop playing it!:P

Someone help me, please!:cry::(

InFamous is one of those games that immerses you so deeply that when you're playing it, you don't notice time passing by and you're absolutely oblivious of what's happening around you.

InFamous is one heck of a fun game to play. It has its technical issues, like the occasional pop-in, but in no way that ruins the experience. This is the most fun sandbox game i have played since GTA Vice City.


Go get it right now if you own a PS3 and like this type of game.:)

I knew it!

Since the first time i laid my eyes on InFAMOUS, i had a gut feeling that this game would be really great. Since the beginning i've been hyping it as AAA material and now that the reviews are coming out, i feel very satisfied. Satisfied because i'll soon be having another great game in my library, but also because i owned a lot of people that laughed in my face when i said this game was gonna get a 9.0 here on gamespot.:P

Here are the reviews of some of the most respectable sites and magazine publications:

Gamespot - 9.0

IGN- 9.2

IGN UK- 9.0

IGN AU- 8.6

PSMUK- 9.0

Game Informer- 9.0

Gameplayer- 8.5

Eurogamer- 7.0

1UP- A-

Gaming Age- A-

CVG- 8.5

Videogamer- 8.0

Kikizo- 8.5

Gamedaily- 9.0

Play Magazine- 10

Gametrailers- 9.0

TVG- 8.0

Really good scores across the board.:)

The demo is very fun and addicting and i can't wait to get the full game. So, who's getting it also?

Too fast for my own good?

Yesterday i had my internet connection upgraded. It's part of a relatively new package of TV + Telephone + Internet that my ADSL internet provider is selling now. It comes out cheaper than what i had before so i subscribed it. I used to have a 3.5 Mbps connection and now it's at 11.5 Mbps. Those are the real download speeds, tested them myself. Upload speed increased significantly too. I don't need to say that the differences are huge. Downloads are much more faster and browsing the internet is a lot faster too.

It seems this has brought me a problem though. I can play Killzone 2, Resistance and even Mortal Kombat 2 online without a single hiccup, but i can't find a single match of SF4 to play.:? Whenever i search for a game i can't find any, it says there are no sessions available all the time. The only way i managed to play was by hosting a game and even that was crap, with lag all over the place.

I don't know what is happening. Was this just a temporary problem with SF4 online or am i doomed to not being able to play a single decent SF4 online match again, even with my friends?

I'm not technically savvy when it comes to this online play thing. Can someone enlighten me about what's going on?:(