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TV Show!

So we finally signed the contract for our works TV show! It's my best bud's sister and brother-in-law's moving company and he pitched the idea, along with a fake move we filmed and they loved it. The CEO of the production company said it was the best pitch they'd seen in 10 years (and these are the guys who started Holmes on Homes)!

It's the owners, my best bud, a co-worker and myself who are the stars!!! I love when it gets official by the signig of the contract!

Yay, weddings!

I have gotta write these more often. I doubt stuff in my life is exciting enough though.

So today I celebrated my buddy getting engaged. That's 3 weddings I have to save for (i'm in the wedding party for two). One is in Croatia(best bud), one Scotland(best bud) and one in England (cousin).

So, all in all, it's gonna be an expensive few years (with uni as well).

This is me -- :D/:(

Haven't written in a long time, so here's an update!

Today, I feel crappy. I also have a boat load of stuff to do.

I worked for 12 hours yesterday (8am-8pm) for my friend's brother-in-Law's moving company. 2 jobs and 3 loads of a 16-foot van. 16 foot doesn't sound huge until you see how tight we pack a load. There is literally no room left. Little did we know that the first job was in a small house built tall (3 stories), with some of the tightest turns ever, and ridiculously heavy furniture. In fact, I think they were just taking the p*ss by making us take up 6 flights of stairs (to the third floor lol).

To add to it, when I got off, I got home and showered, and within an hour was called by my friend to go out.

Suffice to say, I haven't slept since yesterday morning, and it's not 9am of the next day.

This suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

I'm hoping my mid-terms go well in December though, because if they do, I may not have to move people anymore :P


Oh, and finally level 41. I love the new System Wars rules, as you barely get modded now :P


It's been quite a while since i've written a blog post, so I decided to write one drunk. I have just gotten back from my first trip in 8 years (moved to Canada 6 years ago). We went to Jamaica for my GF's cousin's wedding, in which I got to stand up and be one of the groomsmen. Bluddy beautiful is all I have to say.

We stayed at a 5-star resort in Ocho Rios (Riu Ocho Rios), and it was amazing.

Here are some pics:

LOL, random dude throwing a football!

I'm 2nd from the left, next to my GF on my left (your right) :P

Enjoy your life together, Sam and Paul!

Fallout: New Vegas is awesome... Kinda

So after much back and forth in my own head, I decided to pick this game up for myself. Personally, I loved Fallout 3, though the story lacked in terms of... well, everything, it was still an epic adventure and home to a plethora of interesting features.

So, after purchasing the game, I race home and start my studying for an Earth Science test... Damn, university sucks :x

After I finished, I installed the game to my 360 and started it up. What I was met with -- for the first 5 or so hours -- was me pouring my heart and soul into this game. The beginning of the story drew me in, the characters in the first town were interesting and felt relatively fleshed out. Alas, things could not remain perfect forever, and it's where I ran into my first bug. The freezing issue was horrendous, and it was a gamebreaker. Frustration set in, and I turned off my 360 and walked away for a while. The nagging set in and I decided to come back, and after uninstalling and reinstalling the issue persisted. So I turned off the auto-save, and lo and behold, the freezing issue has yet to return.

Thankfully, past the bugs is a fantastically engaging game that really draws you into the fold. The world is beautiful (as far as post-apocalyptic worlds go), and the gameplay/factions/missions remain thoroughly interesting.

After this, my advice to you Obsidian is this. Stick to what makes you good, and that is engaging stories, and when you've done that, please, for the love of God, test your damn game.

The Witcher

So before school started up again ( today :cry: ) I decided it was time to try and get back into a game that was left lonely for a while. That game was The Witcher.

Which stars one of my all-time favourite characters... Geralt.

At first I was a little hesitant, remembering back to my first play through the Prologue and Chapter I. Suffice to say, I wasn't all that thrilled, as I found Kaer Morhen and Vizima Outskirts to be quite... Well, boring.

This time around, I took it upon myself to struggle through, and upon reaching Chapter II my whole opinion had changed. This game *is* as fantastic as people say. It's not without it's detriments, both technically (within the engine) and storywise, however I genuinely found it very deep and interesting.

I found myself making some interesting decisions in the game, and fulfilling as many side-quests as possible. All in the hopes of making Geralt stronger, and my playthrough just that much easier.


Now i'm afraid I must return and finish up Chapters IV and V in order to round out this oh so beautiful game :cry: to which, i'll write a review when i'm done.

BTW, those who haven't played yet, of even for those who have, download both the Hi-Res characters mod and Texturen mod. Both look utterly fantastic.


So my Windows 7 went and buggered up. I was happily playing The Witcher with the texturen and hi-res character mods (looks soooo good :shock: ), and all of a sudden they stopped working after exiting and re-entering. Some troubleshooting later and I decide to go back to a restore point.

There in lies the woe of my gaming PC...

After rebooting it came up to a blank screen with a cursor... That's it. Nothing else. Nada. Zip.

So I decide to reinstall Windows 7 (great OS), and after much finicking with having to redownload the upgrade on my laptop; burning to DVD, finding out the DVD doesn't work, creating a bootable USB and installing it. Finally... Finally... My beautiful computer is up and running again :D

That is the tale of my very interesting -- and slightly frustrating -- evening.

Back to school -- broke as a joke!

So it finally happened. All my hard earned savings this summer finally went towards my schooling. So, I am now going to breathe a sigh of relief -- phew! On top of that, I also bought a brand new laptop in order to make note-taking that much easier :o

My gaming really took a back seat during the summer, so it's now time for me to play catchup, on top of me continuing to dedicate myself to schoolwork :(

Anyways, this is my first blog, so i'm gonna have to think of some interesting ways to type about myself in the future.