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my first thought was "EA?  Make a skateboarding game?".  but it looks really cool actually.  it is much more focused on skateboarding than TH.  and instead of pressing buttons for tricks and ollies, you hold down the right analog and tap it up in the way that u want so it changes the trick.   and no trick is ever the same cuz speed, angle, and how you handle the analog change the trick.  maybe this will make skateboarding on the tv fun again.


i got my psm a few days ago and before reading it i was not all that excited about resistance: fall of man. i mean it looked like a good game and all but i wasn't particularly stunned.

after reading the 13 page preview and seeing the full page screenshots that were crystal clear i was psyked. i litterally got chills when i stopped and thought about playing the game.

this is going to be a halo killer!!! (not that i dislike halo) people will be having resistance parties insead! if this game doesn't live up to my expectations i will be very surprised and let down.

i now have a solid incentive to buy a ps3. there will be 40 player online deathmatches as well as many other game modes. the single player campaign seems to have a deep story and will have scare elements. (like doom 3 with dark hallways and such)

this game will rock!

the uncanny valley

i thought that was a very interesting article.  its one of those things you read and think "huh, that makes sense."

if this is true i wonder if low quality game developers will stray away from creating human-like characters next-gen.  even skilled developers can screw up on humans becuase the closer you come to exactly human-like the more each little wrong detail can be spotted .

i guess if you didn't read the article this might not make sense but i felt like writing about it.

I've never heard of that person.

yesterday i clicked on a users name and instead of their profile being loaded, i got a blank white page and all it said was "I've never heard of that person." and it just happened to me again before i started writing this.

i just thought it was kind of wierd so i wrote about it.


The new revolution name: Wii.  On the surface the name may seem horrible.  My first thought was "why would they change it from a cool and accepted name to one that people will acossiate with piss?  thats a retarded name".  I liked the name "revolution".

But then I read the thinking behind the name change.  The two i's symbolize the controllers as well as two humans.  And that fits considering you say Wii like we.  It's actually a really clever name now in my thoughts.  It still sounds a little wierd though. I really thought that the rev was gonna be called revolution. 

Wii is a farcry from the appealing name "revolution" but i hope we can get used to it.

whats pwned?

i always thought it was a typo for owned but guess not. someone mind telling me? i feel stupid but i wanna know. i didn't know what w00t meant either.

got ffx

i bought my friend a knife and he gave me final fantasy x AND hes payin me back. I thought it was a good deal, haha. i'm not going to start playing it until i'm done with star ocean: till the end of time. i think its gonna be a while though. anyone know how long it takes to finish the game? not as in hours. as in what period of time will it take up. i'm guessing for me it'll take till almost spring cuz i can't play everyday. especially after school starts. and thats in two days. tommorrow is the last day of summer for me. that summer was WAY too fukkin quick. (can i say that? who cares.)