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Gonna be gone a while.

So, everyone, I am gonna be almost exclusively absent from Gamespot for a while.  Don't know when I will be back, but most of the time that I do have while online will be spent on my unoin.  Anyway, hope this changes :P

Universal Blog Rules

These rules should be followed by everyone posting in another persons blog at all times.  Some people are just so rude >.<

1. NEVER flame someone, even if the blog poster flames them.
2. NEVER argue with another person except in debate about blog topic, or you are asked to by the poster.
3. NEVER assume the blog poster is your best friend just because they respond to you.
4. ALWAYS use appropriate language when on hosted blogs.  On private blogs, never utilize inappropriate language that outdoes the poster, it may offend them.
5. ALWAYS remember that a blog is almost like someones internet doorstep.  Most people hate door-to-door salesmen and solicitors, DON'T HARASS THEM.
6. ALWAYS oblige simple requests by the poster if you want to utilize their blog.

Does everyone think this all makes sense?  Did I leave anything out?  Should something be taken off?  I hate when people are jerks on someone else's blog!

Super Summoning

Who is your favorite summon out of the following.  (my choices are just based upon what I consider to be SUPER summons, i.e. the best summons from each game, as I havent played any before VII those were not included, sorry)

  • Knights of the Round
  • Eden
  • Ark
  • Anima

And yes I know the pictures are cut off, but I am lazy and did not feel like resizing them so :P

Monster Hunter: My New Obsession

Until I picked up this game, the only video games I could say I was ever obsessed with were Final Fantasy titles.  Now I have an all new obsession.  Monster Hunter is what will kill off every minute that I spend gaming until and between the releases of FFXII, Dirge of Cerberus , FFXIII.

Old school gaming.

I have decided that I am going to start collecting game systems.  Like ALL of them.  Any suggestions for games, based on what is in my collection/wishlist etc?  I played few games on the older systems.  I played NES and Genesis, but then pretty much nothing until Playstation.  Any help would be appreciated :)