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Online. Mostly hard copy till the local internet catches up with the rest of the world.

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Zelda U

Witcher 3

Rainbow 6 Siege


The Division

Mass Effect 4 (unlikely but it could be released)

Uncharted 4 (thought I was through but the gameplay looked really good)

Star Citizen (most likely 2016)

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Explosive sniper from ME3

Lightsabers (any kind) from Kotor

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@lumzi32: people don't like labels just like certain musicians, but tbh it's all immature crap. Negative connotations associated with labels is a crap excuse.

If you do abc u are abc. If you you do abc & xyz well you fit into 2 categories and do both abc & xyz. If u practice a certain profession such as idk math, there is a label or term in the English dictionary to associate and identify you with that profession. Gaming, music, films or whatever are not subjected to bias imaginary definitions that are imposed onto oneself by said individual. No the definition of a gamer is one who plays games and gaming in general is not a complicated activity to define. You play even just a cellphone game for 1hr a week, go look at reports, you are classified as a gamer not whatever you want to call yourself or even more ludicrous not call yourself.

"Called" then. Point is, nothing wrong with being defined by what you do.

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Gotta say the game looks kind of repetitive and bullet spongy. It also seems to be content starved. The gameplay may be great and all but it needs more stuff for it to hold my attention.

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@Lulu_Lulu said:

Do peopler who watch TV consider themselves Movers ?

Do people who listen to music who consider themselves Musers ?

The "Gamer" is Dead !

People who really love movies might call them selves film buffs. People who love music might call themselves music lovers. It isn't really that hard to answer your questions.

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I have played 3 in the series. The easiest of those to recommend is FF6. It is old but excellent.

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For now to October/November:

Dragon Age Inquisition, Divinty: Original Sin and Assassin's Creed Unity.

When I have the connection/console for them I'll pick up HMCC, Evolve, Forza Horizon etc.

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I enjoyed Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger when I played them for the first time in 2005/2006. Chrono trigger in particular has aged quite gracefully.

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@mastermetal777: Yikes! Mistake on my part then.

@Byshop: Whoops! I though you were talking to lulu not about him.