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It's been a long time...

And here I am, after... Well, I don't have a clue of how much time has passed since the last time that I posted here, but here I am, and I promise to keep this account goin'. See ya around!

I get stucken on manhunt 2 for wii :S PLEASE HELP

Yeah, i get crazy playing that game, i really love it, but i get stucked on the level "assassination" and i can't pass it!

please help :S

i ptried e lot of guides but i dont get it, i am in the last floor and i get killed A LOT of times. Thanks and Cya!

I NEED BRAWL NOW! (!diot chronicles)

I'm getting insane for don't get it in anywhere :( everbody are talking of it and i feel so Id!ot.. god, i can't comment any blog becuz everbody's blog are 'bout it, i feel so bad men, i have 1 month searching it and i can't get it

Level 10!

Hi everbody, am very happy for thislevel, its a really hard job and i'm very oring so i write this.

In the first blog i write because i dont know what is that, so... this its exactly the same xDD

Why they have to leave?

I don't know why Gamespot let go like this to two big reviewers and two grat guys like Alex Navarro And Jeff Gerrstman.

By the rumors, they are leaving gamespot, but, why, they are a great reviewers,i dont know, ¿salary, partners, life?

I dont know, but really it's going to have a very important significate in gamespot without them.

Why the PC has been sustituded?

I don`t know Why the PC has been sustituded by the new consoles, bye example, the Nintendo Wii, The Xbox 360 or the PS3...

The PC is the best thing for play on LAN and another things like that, is for everyone and you can have a ilimitation of games with the expandible memory of this super machine.

In another point, for play with friends and have fun with a game, you can experiment a real fun with consoles like the Wii or The Xbox 360.

Exactly the PC has been sustituded by the people With friends, with time for play and to much money (xD) Sorry for my crappy english ;)