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Level 26!

Level26! w00t!

Also, check out my new theme, it isWindows Phone 7'sMetrostyle.

Ps: I love my Windows Phone! If you ever need a new phone, check out a Windows Phone!

Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

Well, Microsoft's E3 conference is in the books. Theyhad a ton of interesting things to show, including CoD, Kinect, and Halo.Now lets take a look at the highlights.

First off, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was demo'd. And it looks amazing. You are scuba diving in the NYC bay, and then there is this really tense moment where a submarine passes over you.


Then you go inside, shoot up some dudes, and in one especialy epic moment you go into slow motionas you burst into a room. You have an AA-12 automatic shotgun.

AA-12. That guy is screwed.

Then youescape on a little boat, and then after swerving through all the wrecked boats. Then you jet into a helicopter and take off. That was my favorite part :P.

Then, there was the new Tomb Raider Demo. I thought it looked pretty good. It liked the part at the end when she looked out across the area, that was pretty cool.

Then they had the Tom Clancy's Future Warrior Demo, which i thougth was SWEET. This thing called the Gunsmith, which they said would be in all future Tom Clancy games, lets you create you own guns, down to the gas system. There are literally MILLIONS of combinations!

The gunsmith in action.

It looks soo cool, and I'm just begging you CoD of Battlefield, do something like this!!

Also this.


Minecraft is making its console debut on the 360 in the Winter!

Then they talked about one of my favorite things about Xbox 360: the fact that it does more than games! They showed the new dashboard, which looks sweet (Metro FTW), and showed how you don't even need a controller to control it!

YAY Bing!

There is even Live TV! Idk how the TV thing will work, but it looks sweet and I want it!

Then they showed alot of Kinect stuff, including Kinect Star Wars. Yeh. I'm not sure what to think about that, but they might have just ruined it.

Uhhh yeh...

Also, they demo'd the new Fable, which looks like a laughably bad rail shooter.


And last but not least, there was this:




I can't wait.

So in summination, I thought it was good. There were a lot of negative comments in chat about the Disney game, the Sesame street game, Kinect this, Kinect that, whatever. But I accually thought it was good as a whole, even thogh it had some rought patches. Minecraft, Halo 4, CoD, FTW!

Sony's press conference is tonite, but unfortunatley,I have to work... so I going to miss it :(


Well, E3 starts in 2 hours, and I couldn't be more excited!

Lol i woke up today super mad cause I thought I missed it, but then relized the times on Gamespot were in Pacific Time...

Microsoft Press conference coming up! Can't wait!

End of school + very, very, very exciting news!

Well, last Wedsday was my last day of school (for this year, i still have to go back next year:cry: ) i took all my exams, did decent on all of them. Its whatever.

But yeh over the summer I'm going to be doing lots of Minecraft, and other games (see below). I'm also getting a Windows Phone soon.

Also, I'm going to be starting the fitness program P90X soon, and I'm going to get ripped (hopefully).

But, yes, about thisexciting news.

So I have this brother, he is about 9, and he is super smart. My mom home schools him (not me, i go to normal school lol) and one of the things they do is this thing called a TriMathalon, which is a national Math contest. It was in a written test format, and he got a perfect score :roll: . So, they called him back for a national tie-breaker, which was for all of the kids the got perfect scores (which apperently there were a lot of).

And now we just learned that he got in the top 3 in the nation ( :!::!: ). And the prize for the top 3 is a...



...and it includes...




I don't know when they'll ship, but I can't wait!

Level 25, New Sig

I'm not level 25!

w00t! Defias Brotherhood!

In other news, check out my new Sig:


I like Windows Phone, if you can't tell :D

Peace for now...


I'm back, baby!

I, luke516, am officially back!

I'm back with a vengeance, andI am going to be active again!But here are a few thing about the state of Gamespot, and myself thatI'd like to discuss.

  • Unions

I'm officially bummed, because one of my favorite unions ever, The Nintendo All Stars, isn't really active anymore. That sucks! I loved mario_brawler and the crew overthere, and it sucks to see them go. Btw if you guys come back I will too!

But, I also just joined a few unions, including The First Minecraft Union, and the upcoming planned 3DS union. They look promising, and I can't wait to see what happens with them.

  • Minecraft

Speaking of Minecraft, all I can say about that it holy crap it is addicting. I really wish it had some sort of in-game timer like Pokemon that would show my how many hours I've played, because it is probably a ton. I mostly do singleplayer. But for a while there, i was doing multiplayer on this awesome server called "The Cave". It was the most laid back and chill server ever, it didn't have a bunch of stupid rules on stupid signs everywhere, and it had a warm and welcoming community. Especially salad_leaves, the admin. He was amazing!

But, like all good things, it came to an end. Suddenly, one day I try to join, and BAM. Its gone. I have no idea where it went. I checked the official Minecraft server list (where I first found it) and its no where to be found. It sucks. I loved that place, it was the only multiplayer I've ever liked, the only one that felt like home. And now its gone...

  • Photoshop

I got Photoshop CS5 recently (actually, i got the Master Collection ;) ) and it is pretty amazing. It adds a ton of features that are especially useful for photos, but not so much for things like sigs and banners. My favorite is content aware, which, after you highlight an area, will attempt to fill it in. It does this automatically, and accually is right a lot of the time. It is now super-easy to photoshop any blemish away!

Also, I haven't had any inspiration for any sigs or anything recentally, ever since I stopped going to Gamespot. But, I just posted my new Ferrari theme, and I personally think its pretty cool :P. this is my first attempt at anything theme-like, and I will try to always do it in the future.

So, thats about it for right now.

See you around :P


Not Active

I won't be very active (if at all) in these school weeks.

So I'll (most likely) become more active when I start GIMPin' again seriously (the banner above is my latest creation, but it isn't serious it took like 10 mins to make), and also when school ends (maybe Winter Break, most likely Summer)

So yes. I look forward to reconnecting with every one around those times.

Thanks everyone for you patience! I greatly appreciate it!


In other news, I recently discovered that, despite what you parents tell you, rapper Eminem is not all bad Some of his songs can be really bad, but a lot are just so over the top their funny (and most of them don't have to be over the top to be funny). I've been recently getting into his music, and I like it a lot 8)

When I get some time, I will put a serious effort into making an Eminem sig. Don't worry you guys will be the first to see it ;)

"Guess who's back. Back again. Shady's back. Tell a friend."

But I'm not back yet, but don't worry. I'll be back soon.



Geuss what I got...

... I got Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 for PC! For only 6 dolars!


So yeh! now all i need to do is go out and but a mouse with a scroll whell because my laptops trackpad wont work for it

I hope everyone else is having a good time in school! I know I'm not!


Man on the Moon: The End of Day

Kid Cudi

Well, I got Kid Cudi's new album, and I must say, it is the best thing since Kanye West's '808s and Heartbreak'.

It is not the typical rap, and I can not wait for his next album!


Also, my church youth group is going on a retreat to Norris Lake this weekend, which I hope will be just as awesome as Chuck Norris :P.