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Long Time, No Post

Crikey, it's been over three and a half years since I've posted something on here. Since the last post, I've had lots of other things going on in life, such as finishing univeristy, having three jobs since I graduated and doing some IT and teacher training courses. Now, I'm actually qualified to teach in the 16+ sector here in the UK. :D

Oh and I also had my Gamespot account banned and reinstated too. :P

Fun times!

10,000 Posts

Whew, well, it's been like four months since my last blog, but I have finally made it to 10,000 forum posts. I've been here now since around March 2004, so this has been a long time coming.

I'm not sure if I'll post as often as I used to now; we'll just have to see. xD

So yeah, here's to my second of two main achievements I set myself - the first of which was to reach level 30. I was going to make a party thread, but the GS text editor was being rubbish and would not let me insert spoilers. So I guess this blog will have to do instead. :)

In my time, I've met some great folk here onm these forums as well as a few 'enemies' although I doubt they dislike me that much. :P

Here's to three years' solid posting and many more to come hopefully. :D

9,000 Posts

Whew. Things are really starting to get exciting, now that I'm on the home straight for the second of my Gamespot goals. :lol:

I surpassed level 30 some time ago now, and the only thing that stands between me and ultimate glory is a meager 1,000 forum posts. Only then shall I be a fully realised senior user in my eyes. I'll admit that I am expecting the novelty to wear away like my father's hair, but hey, at least I can bask in that fleeting moment. :lol:

But anyway, here's to my prospective post party.

*raises glass*


Woe is Me

I have just returned from a three day suspension, for breaking a ToS that I never knew existed. :lol: Although I may have had a dense moment, quoting censor-worthy words that are not completely obscured is apparently as bad a typing the word yourself. Kind of obvious when you think about it, but I never knew for some odd reason.

So there I was in this thread, posting away like the happy camper I was, and I suddenly realised that I had four moderations in my inbox and I was on a suspension. The fact that I was in the offending quote pyramid numerous times didn't help things either.

Oh well, I have learned from my mistake and if something similar arises in the future, I shall take all the necessary precautions to avoid another incident like this one. :lol:

EDIT: just so you know, all of the offending posts were deleted so you will not be able to read them, but basically, the word that the topic concerned was not censored properly.


Ok, so yesterday I was playing football (soccer) with the lads and we were all having a great time. Then in a moment of sheer folly, I decided to charge the other team's goalkeeper down only for him to clear the ball from his penalty box...and right into my face. Yeah, it stung.

But that is not what pains me. I went to bed last night feeling fine, but when I woke up this morning, the whole right hand side of my neck was as stiff as whatever you want to imagine, and I simply could not rotate my head clockwise or tilt it to the right. I'm assuming it's the aftermath of the previous day's impact, but, holy hell, I've never awoke in such pain. :cry: And to make matters worse, such an injury (should anyone also have suffered it) makes mobility somewhat more difficult than usual.

So, here I am sat in my chair like a cripple, only hoping that sooner or later, these damn painkillers will actually begin to take effect. :(

Oh Snap

So I dove head-first into the "RIP Ozzy Osbourne" thread today armed with my counter evidence, only to discover that what I had with me was actually from two years ago and concerned a totally different incident.

I guess that'll teach me to scrutinise my sources a little more next time.

I sure did humiliate myself. :lol:

EDIT: thread

New Avatar

Ok, so after being here on Gamespot for what seems like a small eternity, I have, for the very first time, chosen a new avatar. :lol:

In case you aren't sure, this new one is based around my favourite music genre: ska. The black and white checkerboard pattern is true to the two-tone roots of this music, 'ska' is written in the bottom left, and the skanking man logo is in the top right.

I really like this new avatar, even if it did only take me a few minutes to create.

Simple, yet effective. :lol:

Level 30!

Haha, it doesn't take much for me to get excited, but I have finally reached level 30. No big deal, I know, but I class this as the level at which a Gamespot user truly reaches the senior and more experienced ranks.

So, half of my goal is complete. The other half is to reach 10,000 forum posts. Only then will I feel I am a properly seasoned user. :lol:

Signature Amendment

After having my old signature detailing my acceptance of all friend requests and hate for fanboyism for what seems like a small eternity now, I have finally decided to remove these facts.

Why you say? Well, I figured people will have the idea by now, so there's no real point in keeping them. Plus I thought they looked a bit...amateur, shall we say.

I'm pondering over a new image for my signature but I'd have to find someone to do it for me because I've no skill in that department.

So yeah, hardly front page news, but, hey, it's something I guess.  :P

Union Requests

Ok, so I've never really made a blog on here before in all my time of being here, but there's something that's starting to get on my wick. Yep, you guessed it, union requests.

I used to get them a lot a while ago but then I put in my sig. that I do not accept them anymore because I never contribute to them. I am currently in one union and even that was a rare exception.

Now, after amending my sig., I found that the number of union requests that I got decreased to almost nothing, but now they have started to reappear, despite the fact that my sig. still remains the same. It really annoys me that just about every time I visit Gamespot, there's always one or more union request in my inbox.  :evil:

It seems that people these days do not heed warnings. Does anyone else have this problem?  :(