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Old Skool...Banzaiiiii!!!!!!!!

Ah...old games... who doesn't remember playing some Contra when he was a kid? Or maybe some Super Mario Bros.3 before going to school? Well, once in a while I just love taking that old box full of dust of the shelve and play something that remindes me of the past and how games were back then... AND MAN! THEY WERE HARD! :) I played a whole lot of Crusader: No Remorse past week and I have to say: either I'm getting really old, or my gaming skill deteriorated from playing modern, easy, take-my-hand-and-I'll-guide-you games. But anyway, it's still a lot of fun playing those goldies and thinking where would the industry be today, if EA and other big publishers hadn't destroyed our beloved developers like Origin, Bullfrog, Westwood...

Time to start bloggin'...

Well... Everyone here seems to have their blog, so I guess I should have one too right? What to talk 'bout? I decided to bring you some perspective on how people in slovenia (central Europe, memeber of the EU for those who don't know) play games, what they play, stuff like that... If you're interested, great, if your not, who cares ;)