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How Long Has It Been?

lol people are probably wondering who is this now well teh old friends now though if u still do remeber me..dan,jacqui or anyone else just u know comment this blog and wht not

what is up

lol yeah i decided to make a new blog cause really i'm bored as hell and uhh something else anyways it seems i'm nver gonna get out of lvl 20 oh and yeah not much has been going on with just a cuople of down sides and what not but meh anyways how are you guys if any of you remember me

GTAIV is whack

did i get your attention? lol no this game don't suck it's actually one of the best games i have really and to proove i have the game i'm doing the missons with jimmy so yeah belive it oh and we got it on the day came out so yeah whats up

2 yrs in this site

yep 'ive been on thsi site for 2 years and 1 day so yeah i like to thank all of you who gave a **** about me and yeah all of that so yeah whats up


omg whats up foo's and yeah i'm still the damn leader of the union i'm just to lazy to uh resign from it and yeah i gott alot stuff todo and problems to deal with so yeah that explains why i'm not here alot besides most of you just don't care so yeah thats enough aboout that how ya'll doing

oooooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd

yeah yeah yeah i was gone and stuff but then i come back and i'm now a leader in a union i mean wth i barely even go write posts in that union but hey guess i might as well make someone else the leader so yeah anywayas how are you guys doing


yeah yeah yeah i know not here since december but i got reasons 1. i barely use the computer, i'm mostly on myspace, and i'm always playing ps3 (especiallytoday since i'm getting ut3 back) so yeah i'll try to be on more anyways what's up been with you guys.

a bit down

yeah,yeah,yeah i'm back again well you know i keep on forgetting to get on cause you know i got a bunch of s*** todo and well ' kinda down so yeah and check out this song i keep on lisetning to it EVERY day

OMG Guess's Who's Back!

yeah i'm back it's been more than a month well i'm mostly on myspace so yeah if you wanna add me then here's my url (yeah i nkow stupid and long)

so whats up?