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The power of resale.

It almost hurts me to see day after day friends of mine or just random people going into game retailers like GameStop to buy games. The reason I say this is because I have learned my lesson years ago about going to places like this, and the simple answer is that it is a complete scam. Everything in the store is overpriced and the trade-in values are obsered.

I would like to start off by giving some examples of why I believe this way. If you were to buy a new game (xbox or ps3 in this example) you are spending $60 before taxes, depending on where you live this could end up costing you 65-70 dollars maybe depending on your sales tax. Now, lets say you play it and after a while your just not feeling it any longer. If you go and trade it in the average trade in price for new popular games is $25-30 store credit, not to mention the 20% drop if you choose the cash. Okay so now they have your game and go back and sell it for $55 used. they sell it and now because of you they made 60 once and 55 the second time. 115 dollars over one game. Now giving the popularity of the game, like NEW SUPER MARIO BROS WII for example, the game value has not dropped in years. Making that the perfect situation to get all your money.

Even when the games go on sale they are nothing compared to small family owned game shops that are located around your area. If GameStop chooses to put games on sale they are minumum at best of if they do a black friday sale as they do every year the deals are decent but some what obsered. This year they posted memerable games like Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2 on sale for $15, now the games have been out for a long time and the uncharted series has been through a whole nother sequal before this price drop. So in essance the games should have been this price for a long time before this. My local resale shop was selling Uncharted 2 for $15 way before black friday even came around this year.

My next opinion is the fact that they carry no sellection of older games any more. The GameCube rack is the size of a small book shelf and the same for the PS2 rack. They don't even carry anything beyond that having stopped all GBA trade ins months ago. So when the store runs out of GBA games they are gone for good! WTH?! howa re you going to call your self a game store when you don't even carry the classics. Even the over priced Play N Trade carries old games, but the prices are just the same as GameStop.

Now time for the sollution: If you live anyware near a popular town or city there are so many game resale shops at hand. I mean why wouldn't there be? 91% of people under the age of 25 are gamers. 91%!!! Since that is the case there are resale shops all over selling games, anyware from family owned stores to names like Cash Converters and Disk Replay to name a fiew.

Plus if you find a family owned store like I have, they get to know you on a first name basis. They know your likes and dislikes on games and even could order games for you that they don't have in the store or simply just give you deals for helping the bussness out day in and day out. So what makes this so special? Well since these stores make a living and stay in bussness because of you, they have the power to lower the prices to popular demand in order to compete making it a perfect opprotunity for you to go in and make some deals. A lot of times when stores like these have a lot of the same game, the price goes down even more in order to keep up with the surplus.

If the only thing you have by you is a big names place, I would say at the least try out Amazon. Now don't get me wrong if I need a game or want one that my resale shops do not carry, then yes GameStop will most likely have it for the wide varriety they have, but do not get sucked into that mess. Try the target clearence section in the video game part of the store a lot of times good games are 75% off at times, as well as a Half Priced books as well. There are differnt possibilities out there just make sure you find the best deal!

Why the 3DS is a good purchase.

Many people might be debating weather or not they should get a Nintendo 3DS, the newest edition in the Ninendo handheld lineup. The handheld console was first released at $250, and had a very slow start that left people scheptical on what they bought was garbage. The lineup of games the 3DS came out with was weak as well, having most of the games being replicas of Nintendo 64 games. The only game worth buying was Super Street Fighter 3D, and even that got old quite quickly. The presure was put on Nintendo now, for the first time a Nintendo handheld was tanking.

With what looked like no hope for the 3DS however, Nintendo issused a dramatic price drop lowering the value of said handheld to $169.99. This price drop now encouaged people to buy the product as well as make many previous buyers outradged. They supported the developer and now they turned around and slapped the consumers in the face with the price drop nonsence. Quick on their feet Nintendo isseued an Ambassador Program, for all people purchasing a 3DS before a fixed date shall revieve 10 NES games and 10GBA games. Do not worry as these games will be availible for download soon after the program is over.

This was all just a little backround of the Nintendo 3DS. Now for the reasons why now is the time to buy this handheld. First off I would like to point out the game library that is up and coming. I am very excited to see all the games that the handheld has in store. Some of the highlights that are out or up and coming are as follows:

-Super Mario 3D Land

-Mario Kart 7

-Legend of Zelda: OoT

-Luigi's Mansion 2

-Paper Maio

-Animal Crossing

-Resident Evil: Revelations

-Kid Icarus

-Tales of the Abyss

-Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater

There are more titles that are schedualed for released, but I just posted the big ticket games. These games pack a punch and deliever the quality that you would see on a home console system. Most people could reconize most of these games and see how they were once favorites on home consoles or sequales to games you played so many years ago. Fro you to have that in the palm of your hands on the go, and in 3D! Count me in!

The games are running in widescreen and at a much faster frame and graphic rate that is just stunning. The 3D does not over power you, It is jnust simply there to add more depth to the games, and quite frankly I honestly would not have it any other way when playing. It really makes it for that much more of a fun experience as well as adds much more of a wow factor that leaves you crawling back every time.

The newest version of the handheld industry also has a lot to do without using a game cartage at all. The 3DS comes with a Mii maker, witch you can port Mii;s back and forth from 3DS to Wii and back again, as well as have a friends list and join games while they are playing. This adds a much needed touch making you never feel alone because people are always online. Although you are not able to message friends jsut yet it is still an improvement none the less.

The two gaes that come on the 3DS are okay for a while, but get old as do all pre installed games do. The real fun comes in the camera. Most people are probably thinking...well how in the world would a low quality camera be fun? Well with the new installment just released last night, the camera just got a whole lot better with the feature of 3DS video. Thats right, you can now film up to ten minutes to video all in 3D. That't not the best part either, the feacher that has me most excited is the use of stock motion.

For those of us who do not know what stock motion is, it is the cimbination of different pictures put together and shown so fast, that if done right, will show as if you were watching a video. Almost like a flip book you would make when you are board at school. This new installment opens so many doors as to what you could create and make. Hopefully soon you could share these with your friends. I read that there is a way to but I have not found that way yet.

Moving on to other 3DS matters, there is now a Nintendo Zone featcher that allows people to go to over 25,000 locations (Primarily: Best Buy, McDonalds, and Starbucks) and when you step into that location your 3DS automaticly starts collecting data such as: new content, 3D videos, as well as promotional offers that the store provides. As well as carrying around your 3DS it rewards you for every step you take. The more you take the more tokens you can collect allowing you to spend them on in game content or on cloths for your mii. This coin system can also be used on in game mii games that the 3DS provides as well.

With the Street Pass feacher turned on, if your 3DS is in sleep mode and you walk buy another 3DS user you will automaticlly share mii information as well as game content information making you always want to have your 3DS on you.

The 3DS also has a virtual console that is amazing! With the new update, you are now able to try before you buy, as well as see videos on the games you are about to purchase. You also can download applicatons like Nintendo Video, were there is a weekly Nintendo pod cast, as well as applications like Netflix!!! You read right! You can now stream Netflix straight to your Nintendo 3DS and watch movies videos and TV shows as well as 3D movies right in the palm of your hand! Amazing! When your done with the virtual console go hop on the internet that is vamped up and faster than ever!

The bottom line is that I see no reason why you shoudld not want to get a 3DS. With talks of extra thumbstick add ons, and new updates coming as well as an endless virtual console library the 3DS is a great solid choice for your next handhelp system. Why just game in 2D when you have so much to play and uncover in 3D!?

Why the whole console war idea is a big waste of time.

Probably since the birth of consoles, there has been a console war. People debating about what system is better, and most of the time they are just fighting to fight, and feel a sence of intitledment. I for one feel that as long as the console is well made and has a good game sellection that the console is worth wild to buy it. I love seeing what developers have to put on the table and love to see the growth of technology. Why the need to see what one is better when most people probably haven't even played the debating consoles they are fighting about. I like the fact that I have or once owned most of the consoles out to date, with the exception to a few, because if someone wants to start something with me I have factual evidence to prove that their ignorant arguments are wrong. I love playing a variety of games, but no colsole is perfect. For example I love the interface and online the Xbox360 has to offer but when if comes to graffics and exclusives I prefer the PS3. Just small things like that do not have to be argumental but just personal opinion. I am just blogging to blog. Let me know what you guys think about this, it would be really apretiated. Thanks a lot everyone.

Game quality from system to system

After playing both the Xbox 360 and the Ps3 I have come to a conclusion. It seems to me as if when developers are making a multi-platform game they seem to put much more effort into the making of the Xbox version against the Ps3 version. This could be the fact of that's were the majority of the money comes from. As this may be true it leads me to my next point that, when a developer makes a game an exclusive to the PlayStation the game blows every other competitor out of the water. The simple examples of Heavy Rain and the Uncharted series could stand up to anything a Xbox exclusive could dish out. Not to mention that most "exclusives" on the Xbox are still on PC as well, but that's besides my point. I am not trying to be a fan boy, I just want others people's opinions, both Xbox and Ps3 users alike. Are the exclusives better from one console to another. I feel as if the Ps3 only has two exclusive down falls, being Haze and Lair. Otherwise the exclusives on the Ps3 could beat anything like HALO or Gears of War series head to head. Making categories like Visuals, Gameplay, and Plat/Story telling, the competition is on! Let me know what you guys think. All comments are appreciated.