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tough luck

i keep playing animal crossing city folk

i am having a big time donating bugs,fishes,fossils and mortage i have to pay

it hard doing it all the time:|:|:|:| :|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|


well i am not leaving

i am taking a long break

but u guys can still send letters

and dont demote me if i am a officer:D:):( :o:shock::?:P:|8);)


i cant believe tha t hurricane hanna didnt do much damage:shock:

well its wind might look like that it will break the trees?!

well this the is the first time i bin in a hurricane :shock::P:|:|:o:)

its cool!

New EVERYTHING! Plz Comment!:D

I got a New avatar

I actually like this one :D

Also Mario_Brawler had made me a new banner :D:D:D:D:D

I really like it ! Is wayyy better than the last one!

So please comment on this blog!:D

Btw i start school tomorrow :(:(:(

so I wont be on GS that much

Bye and thanks for reading!:D

plz guys!

guys in my union would u plz be more active

post more often or face removal

ur leader luigi fan331:| ;)