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Black Ops

So I recently bought Black Ops for the 360. Kinda funny after all of theses years, I started to play a FPS. I have to say out of the three days I have played the game I have enjoyed it. Yes I totally just said I enjoyed playing Black Ops lol. I am kinda embarrassed that I dissed this game so hardcore in the past. I guess you really shouldn't judge before you play :).

Hoping to improve me skills a bit, I think I would enjoy the multi-player more. I love killing Zombies lol omg I think that is the part of the game that has leeched me in. Granted I think this is why half the gaming population plays this game.

I have only gotten past the first part of the story in the campaign. So I really can't judge this part yet. Out of the 10 hours + of killing zombies with randoms and the lovely Tav I have to say people are a hell of a lot nicer then I was expecting. I seriously was ready to get some nasty hate tells from being such a noob. But no every time I went down someone was right there to resurrect me lol.

I think I need to start blogging more lol, I kinda miss it. Not going to jinx it this time though. Every time I say I am going to get un-lazy and motivated to blog about my gaming life I end up being a epic failure lol.


<3 Lucky


The Secret World

So I got totally sucked in to getting The Secret World, even though I wasn't planning it. Nor did I play the beta. During the last few days of the Pre-order I decided to give it a "What the hell" and bought it :) I went up and visited one of my friends from Anarchy Online, and she showed me the the go arounds of the game. From the playing style, to the social clothing, to how you make your toons stronger.

I really like the story it's very deep and each mission has it's own story to go along with it. I personally love a good story a game without a good story to me is just another game. I like to know more!

The whole no lvls, is kinda a bummer at first but it isn't as horrid as it sounds. You still have plenty of skills to lvl up :) which is pretty much the strength behind your toon.

I am still learning the game, I am pretty noob. But I have gotten some help from some friends who played/play Anarchy Online. We kinda all stuck together :) it's really nice. I haven't quit AO I am still playing, It's hard to make time for both games so I have been alternating which game I play :P AO one night, TSW the next type of thing :)

I gotta say killing zombies in pink bunny slippers is pretty awesome!

Fable 2 LOVE

Well lately I have expanding my gaming time to other games other then Anarchy Online and DS games.

My new addiction is the 360, yes the wonderful system you either love or hate. Or Love to Hate =^_^=

I was only playing the 360 for the interactive games like Guitar Hero/Rock Band/DJ Hero but I found out that the 360 has a ton more to offer then just music related games. (Took me long enough right? lol) I still have that issue where first person view games make me want to barff if that even sounds right lol. I used to think the 360 had nothing but first person view games found out I was wrong in which is a good thing :P Because I am enjoying other games now lol.

Fable 2 Even though I am not 100% done with the game more like 50% or so I have found this game to be one of my favorites I have ever played!!! How can I say that when I never beat the game might u ask ? Well the fact that you can personalize your toon is really a plus to me. I hate them games where your stuck with what they give you. I also like the idea of the silly RP parts of the game such as getting married, having a cute little doggy, SOCIAL CLOTHES!!!

Need I say more ? I can really go on and on about the stuff I like outside the action parts of the game :P That is just me though I like games that are not cookie cutter. I like designing who I play, I guess it makes it more personal gives the whole idea of just a game more of a meaning in my opinion.

I also like the button layout of the game, makes it easy to fight and pwn the uglies :P The quests all have great story line I like how the NPC all have there own personalities. It's much fun and not to mention I like the fact that I have gotten a few to many laughs out of it and I wasn't drinking so that was a plus haha :)

Plans for Fable 3 ? OFC!!! It is one of the games I plan on getting as soon as it goes down in price a bit :P I can't stand the fact that you spend 60 bucks on a game and a few months down the line it's in the sale bin at Game Stop lol. Call me cheap I don't care lol the way I see it is I can get more games for my $60 bucks :P I do buy games when they first come out once in a while but why bother doing it all the time?

Haha I'm a engi !!!

=^-^= YAY my Engi is 215!!!! 5 more lvls and I have my 3rd 220 =^-^=

ummmm In the process of 3 more ao videos :) and maybe a WOW one .. not sure

I also have a Sims 3 video in the process :)

doc is 220 :)

Well I finally got my doc to 220 :) and the wait was totally worth it :) so lately I have been raiding tons trying to get the doc is amazing gear :) I have had tons of help from my wonderful friends =^_^= and orgmates and don't forget Vellizol :) I couldn't of done it without them :)

So AO is just getting better and better =^_^=

I can't say I am bored yet. So that is all that matters :)

I rolled a froob agent with velz :) he rolled a mp that project is so fun! =^_^=

I am also preping for a new AO video!!!! =^_^= I have a few ideas =^_^=

Luckystarr dings finally :)

Well it took a few years but I finally dinged 220 in Anarchy Online on my trusty main Luckystarr it was a 5 hour grind from 219 to 220 but it was well worth it to be 220 for TGNF Hallowding Bash party. Guess I need to get working on AI 30 now aye lol For the mean time I started to lvl my doc she is almost 180 YAY

Can't sleep so I rant

Well =) since I can't sleep :P and most of my AO buddies are sleeping I guess I can rant about AO a little bit =) Luckystarr the wonderful Advy :P is now lvl 216.5 =) I started working on research finally :PI haven't really given it much thought till I realized I haven't worked on research since I was tl5 0_O I know crazy. So I am on 8's some are 9'snot bad but not good either. I have a ton of grinding to do but with every thing it will be done sooner or later =) YAY.

My Shade is now 147 kinda crazy how I started playing her. I know the reason I never played her I was totally lost on melee toons all my past toons have been Ranged except for my MA that I rarely play. I really enjoy shade, I just have a hard time getting yelled at with "MUST BE BEHIND" lol I guess I need more practice :P Heck teams don't do much in that situation. Guess I need to run around killing random mobs to become a pro shade :P

As for Nintendo DS Games I reserved Kingdom Hearts!!!! YAY!!!! =^-^= I am so excited with this game I had fun playing the PS2 ones =) So I hope this one is just as good. Maybe I wont get headaches Playing for more then 30 mins at a time

Stole from my xanga @

Well Well Well, Last time I blogged it was end of MAY!!!!! ZOMG!!! I have been a total blog slacker Guess that new years resolution of mine to blog 3 times a week is a no no :P Anyways =) I guess I will update a bit, I haven't been up to much Playing AO and I bought a new DS game called ELITE BEAT AGENTS I had to give the game a try when someone in my heck team said it was a Super DS game. Well It was quite fun, cute and corny comic Story lines, I beat the game in like 2 hours but I can't say I was bored when I was playing it. It is quite challenging, Cute song, just disappointing that they were covers. ummmmm Luckystarr is 214 Luckyrepairs is 150 =^-^= ZOMG!!! Tl 5