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Assassins Crap

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In all honesty I only played about 3 hours of the game, but if the first 3 hour of any game makes you want to return the game to the video store which you rented it from, then it cant be anything awfully special. Assassins Creed is the game I am talking about, that completely mediocre game that somehow actually got a 9 on Gamespot, but considering it was a review by Kevin VanOrd I'm not that surprised. To put it bluntly this game is boring, and average. The only gameplay mechanic that I enjoyed was being able to climb up buildings and having a look at the surrounding scenery.

But scaling buildings seems to be the only thing that I have any interest in doing in this game because everything else is done compleatly wrong. The AI in the game was done compleatly wrong and most of the time it doesn't even make sense. I don't know much on the laws in that time, but I didn't know it was illegal to ride your horse really fast, but aparently completely ok to steal any horse standing on the side of the road. Anything you do including walking makes the gaurds think you're up to something, but holding your hands together on your chest makes the gaurds turn a blind eye like all priests in the city carry a large sword on their side, a blade on their back, just on their way to bless or baptise someone. If the guards were any stupider you could walk up to their face with a sword pulled out and they would still think you're a priest.

I also dont like how you can't run around the cities murduring everyone you see, because there are a lot of people around. But killing someone makes you lose health (or 'synchronization' as its called), and the guards are soon on your back, climbing up a building doesn't help because guards are assassins also and will follow you up the building. Although if you want to kill as many civillians as you possibly can without a gaurd chasing you up to the top of a building, just use your hidden blade. The gaurds wont notice the bodies fall to the ground just after you have given them a special touch, nor will they notice the trail of 12 bodies lying behind you, and still say "who did this?".

The only thing is this game that could possibly be called 'new' is the way you can seemlessly climb buildings. The crouds don't interest me, It was done much better in 'The Witcher', people actually have homes to go back to, they dont just walk around all day getting in your way asking for money like theres nothing better to do. Assassins Creed deserves a 7.5 at most, not a 9.

Oh and the graphics are nothing special also.

A run of bad luck...

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Well looks like again I wont be on Gamespot for a while. I have been having a lot of bad luck lately. Firstly my PC's motherboard fried, so I went to using my old laptop, now my laptops hard drive has failed, so I used my brothers laptop, which has now died as well along with its power adapter. And to top it all off my Xbox 360 got the 3 lights in the same day as my laptop died. So I wont be on for while until I can save up some money to fix my PC. By the way I am writing this blog on my brothers PC, hopefully it dosen't die before I can press submit.