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Exams - ahhhhh!

There's so much to revise - i think i failed geography today :/ oh well there's always retakes i guess - history tomorrow and im bricking it! :(

'and so it begins'

So we've got David Cameron as PM and Clegg as deputy in a coalition! Well the next 4 years will be intresting - as i said, the phrase 'and so it begins' sprang to mind!

Are you worried?

Oh dear people - we have a hung parliament! Do you think it's going to be bad. My personal opinion is if the coalitions and parties dont work we'll just go back to the polls again - hopefully until Jan when i'll be able to vote! :D

Is having to look at univercities already!

Oh God people - why is everything happening all at once, i've noteven fddone my lower 6th exams and i've already had to plan going to view univercities! My heads going to explode! :( I think that might be true as my head hurts so muct today1

Pokemon of the Week update!

This weeks voting is for Fire types in the UK PLU, so far the voting stands at:

  • Infrenape 2
  • Chimchar 1
  • Flareon 1
  • Magmortar 1

Make sure you vote before sunday to make sure your faviourite might win!