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I just read Towers preview of it. Sounds like it's still fun, but worry about what he said about the character animation.

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Well, Sunnysn raises some good points, but I think it has more to do with Publishers and Developers wearing out their welcome with annual releases that eventually turn what was once a novel idea a cliche (See Ubisoft and Activision).

Then you have long term rot, where publishers spend years and years and millions of dollars trying in search of something they have lost (see Final Fantasy). Publishers can also mis-interpret sales. Sales are a lagging indicator, so often publishers will take a franchise in a direction based on how the last one sold (not realizing the last one sold well on the basis of the game that preceded it).

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Just this afternoon I was playing the 1978 version of Space Invaders... Space Invaders II is better. It was on the excellent Taito Collection that was released for PS2 and XB.

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Game.com, Trubo Grfx, 3DO, NEOGEO, NEOGEO Pocket, Atari 5200,WonderSwan, Vita and 3DS (those last two may redeem themselves yet).

Mostly due to lack of games I can enjoy.

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As with all launch years, we likely don't even know about the games that will ultimately be popular or successful on the new platforms.

I'm not interested in the next gen, but they are going to stop making games for the current gen, so I have to move on. Until the games arrive I'll have my PC to fall back on (as I have for the last year).

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Except for PC I always go with a boxed copy. The proprietary platforms don't provide enough continuity when they jump from generation to generation. I am still enjoying my backlog from 3-4 generations ago (at least), and that's only because I have the physical copy.

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@c_rake said:

@lozengez: Nice impressions. Good to hear the ergonomics have been improved. Does the system only outputting in mono affect the audio quality at all?

Stereo is always better when you can have it, no way around that, but the mono output does is not something you notice as being poor.

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Just to get one basically. None of the next gen games have my interest yet.