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tom clancys ghost recon future soldier

hey lordhadez here , just making a blog about the beta for GrFs ... i am througholy enjoying this beta . man is it ever fun . i think i might have too buy the full game when it comes out... it looks really worthwhile. lets just hope it doesnt play like battlefield 3 did... i like this game and i hope it succedes .



what i have been playing

hey all lordhadez here. so i just wanna quickly give you guys a update on what i am playing. so pretty much i have been playing

1 SKYRIM!!!!!!

2 mass efffect 2

3 tom clancy ghost recon future soldier playstation plus beta

those are my top 3 games right now ... lol i just cant stop playing skyeim lol its just too fun. well post a comment if you got one and follow me and i will follow you

pce yall


hey all lordhadez here so in this post i am going to talk about getting addicted to skyrim , is it possible. well yes it very possible , it has happened to me i can sit down and pl;ay for hours and it only feels like minutes. i think what makes the game so amazingly easy to get addicted is that you can do so much like join the companions, or the mages guild , or the theives guild etc

one of the big things that makes me wanna keep playing skyrim is to find and kill dragons . because the way that bethesda did the dragon encounters is amazing . i have very few bad thingss to say about skyrim. it is a perfect ten!!!!!!

please comment if you think that it is either possible or not to get addicted to this amazing game

PS plus good or bad?????

hey all lordhadez here... so what i wanna talk about is playstation plus worth it or not???? here is my arguement for it. i just bought 3 months worth . and i am like 3 days in to it aand totally loving it... and i hate paying for a service that should be free . now what has really got me is the automatic downloads. it is nice to not have to sit through a 2 hour update. the free games is a really nice selling feature . but you loose them when you stop paying for plus... so really if thats why your getting plus then its not worth it for you. i am personally enjoying it. but leave your comments below and i will respond.

lost faith

hello everyone i have completely lost faith in humanity... wait let me rephrase i have lost faith in the 13 000 gamers that polled call of duty black ops as the greatest video game ending ever... like WTH is this world coming to... there are way better endings out there. too name a few just off the top of my head there is FF7 ,KH 1 and 2 red dead redemption. , portal 1 and 2 , now i understand tha call of duty players will disagree with me but even in the call of duty series there are better endings ... like call of duty 4 for example. if this is what we have too look foreward too then the world of video gaming is going too really suck... if you guys (and gals) believe that COD : Black ops should not have the honor of having the greatest ending put your top 5 greatest video game endings in the comments. as a gaming community are we really going too stand for this???????