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Well, I completed my playthrough of X-Men Origins, and there're some things that this game makes me do...like hounlying with my dog, or eating more meet, become more agressive...and I enjoy it. Also this game made me play DMC 4 and DMC 3 again on hard difficulty. I've started to play "Wolverine" on Hard, too and I have to say...it's very difficult. A cannot pass through the first giant, that's just lame, but there's nothing I can do about it. I beat the monster for 20 minutes, there're only 5% of his health left and he just starts to kick my ass...WHY. There's not enough place to beat this guy on hard, but I guess I have to try...

I'm a proud Bulgarian Lion...

...you will ask "Why".Well I saw the traillers of the Horror game "Alone In The Dark" and I was shocked.The soundtrack was really bulgarian.I couldn't believe it,it took time to realize what did I heard."The Mystery of the bulgarian voices" sings the songs and they are actually very cool and very good singers.I can't wait the game to come out and play it :)

The Scariest Game Ever...

...is going to be F.E.A.R. 2 or most known as Project:Origin.I saw the trailer in this site and was freaked up.I've never thought that man can create a game like this.The shooting was very,very cool.The weapons look so realistic,the enemies are very clever,but the scary moments were very crushing.I don't think I'll be brave enough to play that game.Here is the link to the trailer,I hope you like it,too.


World of Warcraft...WoW

WoW,yeah,that game beats every MMORPG,but why.Lineage isn't so bad,or Guild Wars or some free-online games.The graphics are so charming,but they are not so cool anymore.I can't understand why people are buying,paying and playing this game,the prices are very high.The game is very expensive and the health is just...The game sucks the person.First-it sucks you by the gameplay,and second it sucks your health,but people don't care they just keep poisoning themselfes with this game...It's a good game,yes.But the life is out-doors,not in that virtual realm that gives you nothing except pixels.

To be a big fan of Chernobyl...

...like me.I just love the whole "Chernobyl"-history,not the violence-no...the beauty of the nature there,the beauty of the buildings left,the trees growing in the town of Pripyat,it's so awsome.I cannot wait "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-Clear Sky" to be ready.And because I can't travel to Chernobyl,it's just so cool that there is such game as "Shadow of Chernobyl".I just hope that the new game will be also so cool,or better.Only the time knows


Why Jeff Gerstmann,why...he was one the best here,like Alex Navarro and the ex-Creg Kasavin...I want him back...he was so fun and so awsome and the reason he left is soooo stupid...Kane and Lynch is a dumb game,he is right,you have to hire him again