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Lots of games

bought a lots of games lately, havents finished all of them yet. I forgot about darks souls because i bought farcry 2, i didnt like farcry so i bought black obs, fallout new vegas and gta episodes from liberty city at the same time. i couldnt sit down whit one of those game for a long time cause it felt like a had to play all of them. the problem about that was that i couldnt get good at all of those games, so when i swiched between, lets say black obs and gta i had a hard time getting used to the one i was playing. my birthday was a few days ago, i got two game, uncharted 3 and battlefield 3. thats to great games, but it takes a while to get used to the controles of both games. when i tonk about it its still alot of games i want to buy, mw3, batman arkam city and lot of others. But should i risk that i buy these games just to play them ones and forget them cause i was bussy playing mw3?

Uncharted 2 DLC's. Need help !!!!! PLEASE

i bought both uncharted 2 dlc's today. but i dosnt seem to be in the game :( then i found out that i needed a special product code on my uncharted 2 disk to get the packs. so i wastet money on something i couldnt get. is there a way i can get those map packs ??????????