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just my 2 cents but Could be a SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snake said that he killed big boss and big boss wanted to die and big boss said to snake that he was snakes father and snake still killed him even knowing that big boss was his father. ok this happen in MGS1 twin snakes for the gamecube


ok that all I can say later

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I hope he is in it but I want him to be more like what he is like in his game. In fire emblem 6 when he get his sword that is the best weapon in the game and out of all of the gba games (it can heal him at will if it your turn:) ). He could shot fire balls at enemys and he did fire when ever he did at critual attack. that would be cool. On a side note marth just failed in he games ( he had one for the nes and a remake for the snes) at the most the only thing that was good was his luck that it. One more side note Ike most likely will be the one to come in to smash bros brawl seeing that the wii fire emblem he is in it and he in Fire emblem 9 he is in it to. well later
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advance wars ds 244 hours. mario 64 for the ds 100 hours it was the only game I had for it till I get advance was ds mario kart ds I would say 120 hours I think. MPH it says 50 hours. Bleach ds 60 hours. SRW J(gba) it was 50 hours+ Yu-gi-oh NT ??? I forget but I would say 30 at least .Still playing it FF3 I just started playing it again stop because of SWR J I played 23 hours and I'm about half way. M&L:pit is 23 hours to easy. Tales of tempest 18 hours may get in to it again. NSMB 15 hours v_v. that all I can think of hope this helps.