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I fail to see why some people like Rome better. Medieval 2 is everything what Rome is, and a whole lot more.BlackAlpha666

I agree completely. If there's downside to Medieval2 (versus Rome), it's that it's awfully similar to Rome--only a bit richer, and with sexier graphics. The similarities are striking enough that you could be convinced you're playing a fantastic Rome mod or expansion.

Given that, as far I'm concerned, if you're only thinking of buying one, make it Medieval2. They're both great games, but the latest is, in this case, greatest.

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is this game going to suck like "bad day L.A."?kingeliran

Why bring up Bad Day LA? Because Medal of Homer also has a stripped-down cartoon graphics style? Bad Day LA didn't suck because it took a stab at cartoony graphics--it sucked because it was a lousy game, plain and simple.

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For sheer ambience, I'd have to go with the Shalebridge Cradle in Thief 3 Deadly Shadows. The worst of the Thief trilogy in my oppinion, but I'd be lying if that level wasn't short of brilliant when it came to scaring the **** out of you. Damn... The previous games had some creepy levels, like the Haunted Cathedral in Thief 1, but I have to admit Shalebridge Cradle still takes the cake.the_mad_madman

YES. A truly spooky game, with one level in particular that shook me up for real (that damn cradle).

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1) Resident Evil 2, on the Playstation. I hate zombies.

2) Thief Deadly Shadows. The haunted orphanage? I have to admit; that was a frightening place to navigate my computer-generated character through. The whole game was so damn spooky--by the time I was sifting through that damn orphanage, I was genuinely scared.

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Hellgate London will be pay to play?tsb247

There are lots of other threads which cover this subject in more detail, but the extra-short answer is this: no. Hellgate will be available as a non-subscriber game, and as a subscription-based game boasting additional features and content.

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In short: a fee per month to play an MMORPG is justified, but whether $15 a month is too expensive isn't something we can judge without in depth knowledge of server maintenanceErlkoenig

Justified? Judge via a knowledge of server maintinence?

I don't understand. If it cost Blizzard $2 per player per month to maintain WoW, would that be "justified" or "too expensive?" What about $0.50? What about $6.20? What about $14.99? By what standard do you determine "just" value?

Anyone who thinks the object of the monthly fee is simply to permit Blizzard to break even by recouping costs is naive beyond belief. Justice doesn't figure into this equation--it's simple market capitalism. Charge what the market will bear; make a profit.

Mind you, that doesn't mean you have to pay it. I happen not to find it worth my buck, so I don't play WoW anymore.

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Wow is kinda like a monopoly of MMO's. I personally don't support monthly fees, due to the fact is that they are mostly done to increase profit. Luminouslight

Uh, they're entirely doing it to increase profit. It's a business, not a charity.

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Oh man just looked at web site and for beta says have to buy a crappy little statue. I just know this crap company will ruin this game with nickle and diming everyone to death.


EA is also a publisher. I'm never buying an EA game again :).

Good luck! That's like saying you'll never watch a movie released by Paramount ever again.

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[QUOTE="BlackStalker"]Umm how does FEAR Combat fund their servers and patches?Makari
That was a free multiplayer release of a previously retail game which was already all patched up.
How do any sports game fund their servers and patches?BlackStalker
They're generally run by the company at a loss.
How do free-to-play mmo's fund anything?BlackStalker
Depends on the game, but it's either ads or optional paid content that keep them making money. Either that, or they just don't make any money on the thing and it's a community project done out of love.
How does Counter Strike Source fund the hundreds of servers running 24/7?BlackStalker
They don't. Individuals, companies and clans pay for all those servers, as they do for pretty much every other FPS out there. Valve doesn't pay a penny - if anything, they're making money from it.
How did Blizzard fund Battle.net?BlackStalker
At heart, they mostly ran a large chatroom service for the players AFAIK - like Guild Wars, the actual games were run peer-to-peer, not really hosted directly by Blizzard.

It's not about what can and can't be done without charging a fee--that's a naive perspective. Though I don't have a Blizzard financial spreadsheet in front of me,I would wager the company is, in fact, capable of maintaining WoW (for instance) at or near the levelit currently is, for free,without going into the red.

Particularly for a succesful enterprise like WoW, it's about charging what the market will bear. That's how you run a business.

Does that make WoW subscribers suckers? That all depends on whether or not the value of a WoW subscriptionis adequate, for the money,for each individual gamer. Personally? For me, not even close. But it's all about value. One man's trash is another man's favorite game, worth every monthly heap of pennies.

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say what ya want i dont really care about proper spacing.

the whole point of the thread is to get enough gamers together to blacklist every game that requires payments to play and so called f2p games that you have to pay to "upgrade" your account or pay to get items to be better equipped than the free accounts.

once that has been done the companies making the games will have to deal with us.


it's called capitalism. Everyone wants money, including gaming companies. Honestly you might as well stop gaming.

You're not thinking clearly enough, ChrisrooR. Think through what you're saying, and what he's saying.

He's talking capitalism too. He is talking about "stopping gaming"... at least stopping the games he's upset about. Also known, FYI, as voting with his dollars--about as capitalist a concept as any.