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Just dropping by! SAY HI TO MEE


So guys, another year has passed. I feel like it's been forever since I last blogged here. I still talk to some of you guys, so I decided to write what's up with my life lately.

I'm pretty much done with high school, and I'm moving to Chicago next year to attend college. Photography is a new passion of mine along with music you can check my stuff here.

Also, if you want to read a more updated blog, head to my website. You can find my weekly blog posts there.

How are you guys doing?


I'm back and I need some recomendations after almost a year of no anime :O

Hey guys :D

Yeah, I had a pretty hectic junior year, which is the most intense one in my school. I had to take the SAT, ACT, and some AP tests. I'm not getting ready for finals which are this week. I think I'm gonna be active again this summer, since I'm gonna be a senior next year, and all I have to do is college apps and essays.

Well guys, I'll drop off next week after hell is over (aka this week)

So yeah, I was pretty much gone all year. What series do you think I should watch this summer, when the so called time comes back to my life, lol

The last series that I watched were kara no kyokai and the new evangelion movie. I also dl the new
studio gibli movie, but never got to see it.

So guys recomendation time!

My last blog here

Well, I haven't visited the site since november from last year, and I no longer have time for it. So bye:P

Les Paul, B-dAY, Assasin's Creed, COD4 and Fifa

Well it's been a while since I last made and entry. So here's my life inthe last few months.

My weeks are pretty much still hectic with all the school work, clubs, etc. My bday was on October 26 (turned 16), about 2 weeks before that I managed to save enough money to buy an Epiphone Les Paul Standard

I'm pretty much broke now, but with a sweet new guitar, the pickups are really good, it also has the great warm tone of a LP. I'm also recording a song for my final in my adv guitar class, it takes quite a while to record. I manage to get 30-45 secs in a 1 hour period.

So then I also got some games for my PS3, Fifa 08 and Tekken Online(last month), CoD4(last week), Everyday Shooter and Assasins's Creed (today)

I love the games so much, really good stuff, but I often find out that i have no time to play them -_-, If you want to play with me add me to your PSN friend's list (my PSN ID: loic54)

Halo 3 poll, and my adorable baby sister.

Is anyone getting the game? I don't own a 360, and I'm quite a sony fanboy, but damn it looks great man, I'm gonna end up playing at my friend's house. He just called me, he's waiting in line to get the game.

While I consider halo's plot to be a little to cliche, the multiplayer completely makes it up and it's a fun game, which is the heart of gaming. My 2 cents.

What do you guys think about halo 3?

BTW here's a pic of my little baby sister:P

Fate/Tiger Colosseum, DJ Max Portable 2, and Remote play with PS3

Ok, I got this game last week, as a good fate fan I might share some screenshots I took with you guys, my review in case you want to read it.
[spoiler]                                                 [/spoiler] DJ Max Portable 2 [spoiler]                         [/spoiler] Then some shots from my PSP using remote play to access my PS3 [spoiler]             [/spoiler] Finally my custom XMB [spoiler]       [/spoiler]

Jazz in Detroit

I'm not a big fan of Jazz, but yesterday my friend Giancarlo (great guitarrist) called me (5 min before the concert starts) and told me that there was a super jazz festival in detroit, I thought: sure, why not? I might learn something. So I went and watched 3 concerts (that changed my approach to the guitar), I got there around 3pm, came back home around 12:30pm.

Here are the 3 guitarrists I saw:

Stanley Jordan Trio

We watched Stanley Jordan first, I was mezmerized. This guy alternative picking is amazing, also his improvs are great, too bad he didn't play stariway to heaven, my friend told me he sometimes does. The bassist used a wah pedal on his double bass, playing with a bow and using it for tapping also, really good stuff.

Scott Henderson Trio

After that we watched Scott Henderson, this guys kills his stratocaster in every way posible, doing amazing runs and weird effects. His drummer was also really good, finishing the show with a great solo.

Finally we watched

Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood

These guys took the prize, the place was packed by the time they played, From all the guitarrists I saw that day , Scofield takes the prize, this virtuoso, pulled amazing melodies, his improvs were fenomenal, like nothing I've seen before. The bassist was also really good, and the keyboard player as well using some weird piano/harmonica.

I forgot my camera (big mistake), during the concert some hippies were dancing with hula hoops, high and stuff, it was hilarious. Anyway, the night ended with some great fireworks and me tired a hell.

Bought a PS3 (pics)

Well I guess my fanboy dream has become true, I bought a PS3, I received teh package 3 days ago.

Here's my baby:P

Right now I only have Genji, I'm planning to buy Ninja Gaiden and then Resistance, after that I saw an RPG for 20 bucks, I will get that just for the hell of it.

I'm already using the PS3 to 100%, I'm planning to install ubuntu either tomorrow or the day afterwards, then I also configured my PC as a server and I can stream my music, pics and vids:P

BTW if you happen to have a PS3 add loic54 to your friend list.

I guess I can also show you my guitars:

(my stratocaster)

(my evil yamaha acoustic)

I'm planning to get an Ibanez guitar, either an RG or an Iceman, since I play metal, punk, and hard rock more than anything else, and Ibanez is known for their lightweight and superfast neck, I tried some at Guitar Center and I fell in love, I could play so much faster because the action is really low and the neck is flatter, bigger and more confortable.

That's all for now!

It's been a while

Well, loic is still alive, so don't cry. I've been really busy, and kinda still am even though i'm on vacation now. I'm moving so I'm kinda down now, but playing sad songs in the guitar helps, specially this song called Hunger by the Distillers. What else? I haven't been watching too much anime other than Nana, Bleach (still need to catch up), and Claymore (need to catch up).

I also been playing on my PSP a lot, i managed to brick my friend's in revenge:P I also need to buy a bigger Memory Stick, and a new electric guitar, but the guitar can wait, and I need a lot of money, I was thinking of getting either an Ibanez Iceman, or an Ibanex X or RG. So I need at least 600 bucks.

I gave away my PS2 sending it to Peru, so that my little cousins can play with it, but in exchange I get a PS3 in october. My grandma left and went back to Peru last week, I think I might travel too in December.

I've been suffering playing Gurumin on my PSP, pretty fun game, you should check it out

I also finished Heat The Soul 4, and Loco Roco.

I also took a break from designing, but here's my latest sig

loic out!

Chased by the police and new linkin park video

This happened to me 2 says ago, it's a pretty funny story.
Ok, so around 1 or 2 pm, like 6 friends came over my house, and we went skating to a pool near my house, we were trying to jump some stairs, we created an improvised grind (that didn't work) chillin, and I was taping the whole thing trying to get some good footage (that I didn't get)

So then this hot neighbor was walking out this baby, and my friend Mike decided to tape her (she was hot) so the first time he got away with it, but the dumbass didn't press the record button, so we didn't get any footage, so he tried again (and didn't press the button again -_-). By then I dared my friend Andrew to get into the closed pool and jump into it. He jumped the fence got inside, and then this group of kids were saying that they were gonna call the cops, and that there was a camera on the pool. So Mike was taping my brother ollieing the stairs, but then the this girl said that she was going to call the cops, which she actually did. I left my friend Andrew inside the pool, his brother Amghad stayed to help him get out. I grabbed my board, strapped it into my bookbag, and run away in my bike, my brother just skated down a huge hill, that leads to my house, Mike did the same, Malik, Brandon and Miles just run away.

Then we heard police sirens, we got to my house, hided the bike and the skateboard in the garage, went inside changed clothes and played PS2 for a while, after like 30 min Andrew and his brother went to my place, and told me that they got away running to the woods. Miles came afterwards telling us that the cops stopped him and asked if he saw some skaters with a camera, he said "no".
So then we stayed in my house for like 4 hours till everything was safe:P
Loic out!, and remember kids if you get in trouble, run AWAY!

Linkin Park released their new single "What I've done" today
check out the video