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Tama drums

Well havent posted on here in probally a couple years now. But i figured why the heck not haha. Well i just recently bought a new drumset it's a Tama Imperialstar 6 piece fusion kit loving the heck out of it. Was about 750 when the original price was 1400. took me about 2 days so far to put together now just need muffling and to tune it.

New Red Faction and guitar hero drums

Just got done playing the new red faction demo and i am completly speechless it's was pretty freaking sweet and i was over at one of my buds houses and got to play the guitar hero drums there nice and quite but they are very comfusing to get use to at first but for the most part i give them a 4/5

Capure Card?

i wanted a way to get the things i do on the 360 onto my computer but my camera is crap. and i heard about this but im not quite sure what it is would love if someone could explain. be very helpful.

Rockband 2

yah i own rockband 1 for the wii and i love it but i have 2 questions is rockbadn 2 out for the wii yet? and is the songlist pretty good or not worth getting?

ac/dc new album

yah i just now heard that ac/dc is coming or has already come out wwith a new album and i just heard rock and roll train one of the singles sounds really good so ill buy it i hope maybe not no money at the moment =P

Grand Theft Auto IV

wow i dont even know were to start i have this game pre ordered for the pc and i have friends who own it on the console and say it's the most amazing game ever so i hope it's good and if you want to leave your opinion go ahead i would like some feedback

sims 3

so far iv been looking around and seen come pretty neat videos about this game and well......... have it pre-ordered already =P.

Metallica's new album

I keep hearing about Metallica coming out with a new album but the dates they give is wrong if anyone has anything about the new album comment

Battlefield 2 moment!

Hey me and my friend were playing battlefield 2 couple of hours ago and we wear by the enemy base and were sneaking around blowing p the artillery and satilite and i had one of the moments were i felt as if i was really there taking action against the enemy like it felt good it's a feeling hard to explain but i bet many of you have had the same moments and if you like tell you moments right here!!!!