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Depression and Gameing

It's not a topic we like to talk about in a society but Depression happens. Every one go's through rough patches, times they find hard to cope with. A lot of people turn to Drug's, drink or something else that's bad for you. Other's like my self have turned to Gaming as an outsource for there anger, frustration and all in all low mood. How can gaming help you wonder, easy, you can focus of the good parts of it. Like the bright colours the involving story lines and best of all the sometimes ( depending on what console your playing) the physical activity involved. It takes your mind off other things and bring's you slowly out of the dark hole you put your self in. It might be a slow and hard path but it's worth while pulling your self along it. stay bright, keep postative and turn to the game's to help you through ( after talking it through with people close to you).

Guild wars and Guild wars 2

Both have there flaws lets not be blind fan's of the franchise but from playing both and loving them on different levels, there simply wonderful and great games to play. Starting life as a elementlist on the second one will see you play like Aang, where as playing as a Necromancer on the first will make you feel like something from Dungons and dragon's. Basicly Eppic or even if you really whant a twist on things you may or may not feel like Sheik now that would be something rather cool.