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Demon's Souls FML

On Demon's Souls I am a level 60 and am roughly 3/4 through the game. Unfortunately one day, my friend thought it would be funny to kill the Blacksmith in the Nexus. And lucky for me, the other Blacksmith glitched and never showed up. So for the next couple weeks, I was playing with broken armor and using Ed's Grindstones to repair all my weapons, andusing the guy at the start of Adjucator's Archstone to buy grass for healing. It was still slightly posible, but when I left the room, my friend got bored and got the guy angry who sellsme healing. So now I have to grind to get full moon grass, and buy Grindstones off of the poor guy at the start of the lava/earth world. I'm not redoing the 40 hours of work. Andjust when I thought the game couldn't get any harder... fml.