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Wii U Roundup + Updates

Wow, it's been a while! Over 2 years actually.

I had to write this. Have you guys seen all the videos on Wii U?! I have for months but as June gets closer and closer, I seem to get more and more excited. Probably the main reason why I'm writing this.

Just yesterday a rumor came out saying that Metroid is coming to Wii U AND is being developed with Retro Studios. If this is true, this should be nice! I also heard Star Fox and F-Zero may be coming too. It's about time!

Other than that, I have finished my Bachelor's degree in Commerce and graduate in May!! :D :D After all the stress, it feels grrrrreeeaat to relax again. Had a lot of growing up to do over these last few years but it was worth it. I'm glad I made it through.

End of this summer, I will be going on a Eurotrip for two weeks. After that, next steps are to work full-time either back home, Canada or UK for a couple of years. I'm so ready for this next part of life!!

Sin & Punishment 1 = Amazing

I finally decided to download Sin & Punishment 1 for the VC just to see what this game was about. I promised myself I'd play the first game before I played the second one. I must confess that I was blown away by the story, action and characters. There are so many things going on at the same time that I constantly found myself getting lost in the gameplay, but in a good way. Not many other games do that. Some parts of the game were more difficult than others but once you learned the enemy patterns you were okay.

The controls are possibly the most unique part of the game. They take a bit of getting used to but I found that the GC Controller has the best control scheme since this game was made for the N64 Controller. S&P is about high scores and mastering difficulty. If you beat the story mode on Easy then master enemy patterns and ramp up the difficulty for a bigger challenge. A major plus is that once you beat a scene/level you can replay that level at anytime. Although the game is a bit short, the story blasts you through things so quickly that you'll want to play it again to understand what's going on. This game is a must-play. Since it didn't come to the US before and it's only $12, I definitely recommend playing it.

Score: 9.5/10

'The Last Story' screens have convinced me. WOW!!

If you haven't seen the newest screens of The Last Story that came out today, and you're a JRPG fan, check it out now! It looks like FFXII on the Wii but with a completely different story. I'm glad they gave the job to people who KNOW how to make a JRPG. No, the Wii isn't a PS3 but the level of detail is has definitely been tailored to the Wii's strengths and realistic limitations. When this game's in motion I'm sure it will be hard to tell the difference in quality. No, I haven't seen the game in motion yet but this definitely stands apart from most other Wii games. Here's hoping this one comes stateside.

Photo album:

Nintendo DESTROYED that conference!! Absolutely Amazing!!

Wow!! I'm still in awe! Those who missed the conference missed a BIG one.

Nintendo crammed so much into it this year. I noticed they didn't talk so much about sales as they did in the past. You can thank the hardcore gamers for that. Nintendo is really listening to us now. They never abandoned us, they just wanted to reach a new market (the casuals) and bring them on board. Now that they understand the casuals better and know what they want they're coming back to the tried and true.

From a marketing perspective, Nintendo did all the right things: Made the experiences come to life and put them in people's hands; created specific partnerships setting them apart; introduced new technology; focused on what we wanted to see and didn't beat around the bush.

Biggest Announcements:

- Kid Icarus on 3DS (I'll get a 3DS, just to play that)

- Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii

- GoldenEye 007 remade EXCLUSIVELY for Wii

- LoZ: Skyward Sword (the demo had a few aim issues but looks promising and challenging nonetheless)

- Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

- Kirby: Epic Yarn for Wii (at first glance I wasn't sure but it's epic alright!)

- 3DS will play 3D movies from partnered studio AND take 3D pictures

- New AAA titles already coming to the 3DS like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil and Kingdom Hearts

- New Nintendogs + Cats on the way

I didn't go in with high hopes because I wanted to be wowed, and boy was I wowed. It was excellent!

Remind me if I've forgotten any other big news.

That's a synopsis of it but if you want to see it again just tune in to Gamespot, Gametrailers or Nintendo's E3 part of their site. Now, to check out Sony's showing. ;)

Other M have something else to do with Mother Brain?

I just realized that the name 'Other M' makes no sense but when you look at it the 'M' is detached from 'Other' but if you attach them is says 'Mother'. I know Other M will be dealing with the origins of Samus but I think it'll have a lot to say about Samus' connection to Mother Brain and Metroids. Other M takes place right after Super Metroid and I'm sure there will be a fight with Mother Brain again. Am I stretching it? Maybe, but who cares, Other M is coming out in August. Galaxy 2 looks to be doing quite well but I don't want to see anymore revealing content (about levels, suits, objects, etc.) until I buy it. It's better than the first one, ok, we get it!

What are you excited about?

Just beat Metroid Prime!!! Finally!!!

I just beat Metroid Prime after getting stuck on 2 of the Chozo Artifact locations. Pretty smart riddles. The Metroid Prime fight was EPIC and the music was intense!! The battle was really worthwhile. After beating it, it says I'm only 72% complete!?!?!? I've scanned practically everything and received every weapon upgrade and missile expansion. What more is there to do? This game really deserves an award though for the level of detail on everything.The game was pretty long so I think I'll take a rest before I play Metroid Prime 2. I haven't played MP3 yet cuz I promised I'd beat the 2nd one first to understand the story more. This will be my 3rd time playing the 2nd one but this time I will finish it. There won't be many surprises until I'm more than 50% through the game. I wish Aether was more colorful though.

Metroid Prime Trilogy is simply amazing.

It's been a while but I had to post something that I couldn't resist talking about. I bought Metroid Prime Trilogy for Christmas and I really like it. I started playing MP2 while in high school and got stuck after completing about 30% of the game. I was really frustrated and didn't want to continue. It was a great game but it felt like it was missing something. It was the first Metroid game I had ever played and I knew nothing about the history of it all. I didn't like the Luminoth that much, but whatever. Fast forward 5 years and I finally got my hands on a 3 MP's; all in one DVD!! I couldn't wait to play them all now. So far I'm really liking MP1, even more than MP2. Personally, I like the Chozo race much more than the Luminoth.

The level design, planetary biology, puzzles, story progression and weapons are outstanding. After solving many of the puzzles I feel pretty smart. :P It's hard to pull myself away from the game and I've probably spent about 12 hours total playing it since Christmas. By the time I finish MP1 I think MP2 will feel better to me since I know how things progress. Tallon IV is a much better planet than Aether I must say. Anyway, that's what I have to say. If you haven't gotten MP Trilogy, go out and get it today. The best game compilation I have ever bought. Until next time, take care.

I got a DSi!!!!

Great news!! I go church and my aunt's son, who's about 11, said he wanted to give away his new DSi, since he wanted to get a PSPGo. I jokingly said he could give it to me. Him and his mom came over my house tonight and he gave it to me, with all his games!!! Talk about a blessing. I was shocked and am still shocked that I have a DSi now and didn't even have to pay for it. He has Kingdom Hearts for it and some other games but Kingdom Hearts is the game I want to play the most. That, Nintendogs and The World Ends With You. I don't want to get TOO into the DSi since I have a TON of Wii games to play, plus I'm not much of a handheld gamer anymore. I may check out a few titles for DSiWare since it's a cool concept but I don't know. We'll see. Just wanted to let you guys know though!

Christmas games!!!

This Christmas, I decided to get some games for myself, and a BIG one for the fam. I ordered some stuff from Amazon and left it in the Amazon delivery boxes and put them under the tree (lazy, I know). One amazon box had a book for my sister, some music CDs for me and NSMB Wii. My sister was a lil excited until I told her is was for me :P. I also got Metroid Prime Trilogy and my bro and cuzz were confused at what it was. It's a pretty great game but my family is most familiar with Mario, since the beginning. After all the gifts were unwrapped there was one big Amazon box left. I kept telling people to unwrap it but my cuzzin just kept saying it was probably a gift to myself, like everything else. HAHAHA!!! So me and my sister opened it and it was Wii Fit Plus!! I ordered it, so I knew what it was. My mom actually got pretty excited about it, which surprised me. Now we all can get in shape, even on a rainy day. At this point, the new games I got around Christmas are:

Klonoa (an excellent reproduction of the original)

DK: Jungle Beat (extremely fun, once you get what you're doing)

Punch Out! (haven't played it yet)

NSMB Wii (have to unwrap it first)

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Wii Fit Plus (should be useful and fun too. It better not say I'm overweight for being 165 and 5'11')

And I still have about 12 other games to finish, minus RE: UC, RE4 and Manhunt 2 that I need to sell. No more bloody games in my life. When will I get to them all? I'm almost done a few of my old games but you know how you find yourself wanting to try out the new stuff first? That'd be me about now. That plus the rest of my working life, I'll be quite busy. Other than that, Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!

P.S. After being away without my Wii for so long I was glad to find that I got a free NES game for buying the Internet Channel earlier on. I bought Kirby's Adventure, just because I can play that game over so many times and it will never get old. Great idea Nintendo.

Other games to get:

Crystal Bearers


S&P 2

LostWinds 2

Megaman 9

Metroid Prime Trilogy disappears off Amazon after 1 day price drop

This one really surprised me. After going to 2 different EBGames within the past month, and asking about Metroid Prime Trilogy, I received the same responses: "We haven't had that game since August." So, I decided to just order it through Amazon for Christmas. I added it to my cart a month ago and to my surprise the price came down to about $29 new yesterday,(sold straight from Amazon, not a 3rd party dealer on Amazon)! I planned to buy it along with other items yesterday, but one debit card didn't have enough cash on it at the time, so I decided to wait a few days and maybe prices would come down more.

I came on today and Amazon said they weren't selling the game themselves anymore. How'd that happen within a day?!?!? I guess they lowered the price to get rid of the last supply quickly. Normally, if they were just out of stock then they'd say 'Out of Stock' but it says they aren't selling it anymore. A 3rd party seller does sell it on Amazon, but for the regular $49.99 price and it may ship later than before. :(

I guess people were right when they said Nintendo only made a limited quantity of the game and isn't interested in restocking them. It's not a major setback for me, I just found this interesting.